The Revolution is Here

f21-banner-4Professor Alan Quist, professor of political science at Bethany Lutheran College in Minnesota, presented an update of some significant changes happening in educational policies, many in the last three weeks, which may have a more significant long-term impact on the American way of life than even the health care debate or the cap and trade fight currently underway.

Quist notes that there is a worldwide revolution taking place, and it is centered in the effort to undermine the unique position of America and the way in which our country’s foundation was built by our founders, specifically our principles of national sovereignty and of the acknowledgment of a universal moral code .  As the US was the only major country founded on ideas rather than on personalities or on power concentrations, it makes America, according to Quist, the only real bastion of freedom in the world.  It is that distinction that makes the US the target of every globalist UN initiative undertaken, which he documented with UN publications which say as much.

Quist is concerned that we must win the war of ideas in order to retain our freedoms that we have because of the unique way our country has been structured.  That war is being fought most fiercely on the battlefield of education, and we are losing the war.  The current education modality in effect in American schools is that of “consciousness transformation”, which is the application of the principles of Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci upon our education system.

The Obama administration issued a press release on July 24th of this year, which may be the first salvo in the final battle over our educational system.  The “Race to the Top” may be a race over the edge of the cliff into the total surrender of any last shreds of local control over education not just to the federal government, but to the United Nations through UNESCO.  The call for “internationally benchmarked standards” and “national standards” (read federal curriculum control)  to be coordinated by the already created National Assessment Governing Board will be delivered to local districts who line up to get the “stimulus” linked to the program, in essence buying total federal control over the development and delivery of curriculum.  This will allow the Obama administration to get local schools to teach what they want them to teach.  Now enter UNESCO.

The UN, through UNESCO, is planning a full scale tranformation of education and in fact has already written the international curriculum benchmarks (standards) which the Obama administration notes they are wanting to drive American education standards toward.  In order to ensure universal coverage, the Obama administration through the NAG Board, will require successful passage of this “nationally standardized test” before any student can be eligible for college (at least no colleges that have ever taken one penny of federal money).  That means that the vast majority of private school and home educated students will have to take this UNESCO-driven and aligned testing to be able to go any farther in their formal educational pursuits.  In order to help this train down the track, the National Governor’s Association has issued a call for “voluntary national standards” to be adopted by this administration.

It makes one want to go back and look very closely at the recently-passed and enacted House Bill 1, Ohio’s budget bill, which made some significant changes to our education policies in Ohio.  Could the revolution have already come to Ohio?  We’ll have to get educated on what is happening around us and see.

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