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75 Questions Your Instructors Pray You Won’t Ask

By Gary North

Unless you’re “one in ten thousand” as Christians go, you’ve been misled. Maybe it hasn’t been deliberate on the part of your Bible teachers, but it’s true. In Christian college classrooms, pulpits, and Sunday schools throughout the land, people are being misinformed about Christianity, year after year.

What I’m talking about is humanism. People who think they are hearing “the good, old-time religion” are being indoctrinated by well-meaning (and sometimes not so well-meaning) teachers who are either outright humanists or who have been compromised by some of humanism’s most important doctrines.

The trouble is, very few people are willing to put their faith to the test. They really don’t want to think about the possibility that they’ve been misled. They don’t want to sit down and examine their beliefs in the light of what the Bible has to say. Christians pretend that they know what the Bible has to say, but they absolutely refuse to ask themselves (or anyone else) the key questions, and then search for the Bible’s answers.

What are these key questions? There are at least 75 of them. Actually, that’s only a beginning, but 75 are enough to prove to almost anyone who really believes that the Bible is God’s inspired Word that what he has been told the Bible teaches is false.


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A Defense Of The Christian State

by Stephen C. Perks

Is religious neutrality in the political sphere really possible or are all states, including secular states, religious institutions by design? Read this book for a compelling argument that there is no religious neutrality in the public sphere.


Price: $25.00

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America’s Providential History

by Mark Beliles and Stephen McDowell

An examination of the the history of America from a Christian perspective. Since God is the author of history and He is Carrying out His plan in the earth through history, any view of the history of America, or any country, that ignores God is not true history. He is sovereign over His creation and “His Story” in the earth, and is at work in significant, and seemingly insignificant, events to accomplish His purposes for mankind. This is a providential view of history and was held by the vast majority of those people who founded the nation.


Price: $20.00

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“Semper Reformanda: Engaging the world for Christ”

“Semper Reformanda:  Engaging the world for Christ”

April 25-27, 2013

Mark your calendars!  You won’t want to miss what may be one of the most important conferences held in Ohio this year!

The Institute For Principled Policy is pleased to present “Semper Reformanda:  Engaging the World for Christ”, a biblical worldview-and-action conference designed to equip pastors, ministry leaders and others with knowledge of how the eternal truth of God’s Word has been and can still be used to provide the guidance for culture.

Our featured guest presenter will be Dr. Joe Morecraft III, Pastor of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Cumming, GA. Pastor Morecraft holds a B.A. in history from King College in Bristol, Tennessee, a M.Div from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia, and a M.Th. and Th.D. from Whitefield Theological Seminary in Lakeland, Florida.  He is an accomplished author and researcher.

The conference will also feature sessions by other noted speakers, as well as networking opportunities and resources for your work.

Location: Grace Presbyterian Church OPC 5099 Postlewaite Road
Columbus, Ohio 43235

Times: Friday April 26, 2013 Morning Session 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM, Lunch 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (on your own or with a friend), Afternoon Session 1:30 PM – 4:45 PM, Networking and Mingle With Speakers 4:45PM – 6:00 PM, Dinner (on own) 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, Evening Session 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Saturday April 27, 2013 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM (Close)

There will be several opportunities to network with speakers, visit vendor tables, engage in question and answer roundtables, etc. during both Friday and Saturday sessions.

There are a large number of restaurants, shopping, hotels, motels and other amenities within a short drive of Grace Presbyterian Church OPC.   The Institute will provide a listing of some of the choices available.

A donation for this conference of $20/person is asked.  Registration is open now through April 19th.  Register here

There will be a dinner with Dr. Morecraft for underwriters, host church staff and Institute For Principled Policy board members on Thursday April 25, 2013. If you wish to contribute to help underwrite the costs of this conference you may contact Institute For Principled Policy Director Barry Sheets at [email protected] or call him at 614-989-5263 to obtain details.

ALL inquiries should be made to the addresses and phone numbers listed above and should NOT be made to Grace Presbyterian Church OPC


Price: $20.00

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Backward Christian Soldiers

by Gary North

Are you tired of sitting in the back of humanism’s bus?

Jesus said to “Occupy till I come.” But if Christians don’t control the territory, they can’t occupy it. They get tossed out into cultural “outer darkness,” which is exactly what the secular humanists have done to Christians in the 20th century: in education, in the arts, in entertainment, in politics, and certainly in the mainline churches and seminaries. Today the humanists are “occupying.” But they won’t be for long. This book shows why.


Price: $10.00

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Covenant Sequence in Leviticus and Deuteronomy

by James B. Jordan

In this path-breaking study, Jordan investigates the literary and theological structure of the books of Leiviticus and Deuteronomy. He shows that the organization of these two books, far from being random, is intimately related to the covenant God made with Israel at Mt. Sinai. The sacrifices and laws of uncleanness in Leviticus, for instance, form an extended commentary on the creation and fall of man, while the law section of Deuteronomy is a commentary on the Ten Commandments. A separate study of Leviticus 19 finds that chapter to consist of seventy laws, carefully arranged in a theological pattern. Presented as outlines studies, these essays are both an important contribution to the ongoing discussion of the covenant, and also useful Bible study aids for any serious Bible student.


Price: $7.50

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Donation To The Institute

A donation to the Institute For Principled Policy. The Institute For Principled Policy is a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation. Donations to the Institute For Principled Policy are NOT tax-deductible. We are a non-profit organization actively involved in the process of steering public policy from a Christian constitutional perspective within the framework of our representative republican form of government.

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Election Day Sermons

Edited by David W. Hall

Expositions ranging from the Colonial era to the contemporary shed light on issues of civil government and eternal significance. This anthology of election day sermons contains classic sermons from the founding era by Samuel Langdon, Charles Chauncey, and Samuel McClintock, as well as sermons by D. James Kennedy, George Grant, Terry Johnson, David Hall, and others.


Price: $12.00

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Explicitly Christian Politics

edited by William O. Einwechter

Century-Old Principles for a New Century Since 1864 the National Reform Association has advocated an explicitly Christian approach to politics. In this book the grand vision of politics of the National Reform Association is explained for a new generation of Christian activists. It is a grand vision because it is based on the truth of the mediatorial reign of Jesus Christ over the nations of the earth, and it seeks to implement the will of Christ for civil government as revealed in Scripture.

Christians who are tired of the compromise of evangelicals in the political sphere will find this book to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. Here is a vision for politics that the faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ can get excited about. The days of retreat for Christians in the political sphere are about to end, and Explicitly Christian Politics points the way!

The subjects addressed in the book are:

A Background of the National Reform Association, The Failure of Retreatist Strategies, The Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, The Judgment Is God’s, Christ’s Kingship in Contemporary Politics, National Confession Primer, The Orthodox Foundations of Liberty, The Great Law-Book of the Nation, The Free Market, Educational Reform in America, Sentimentalism in Politics, Making this Political Mess Right.

In His providence, the Lord has preserved the National Reform Association for the last 133 years so that it may unfurl once again in these dark days the banner of Christ the King, and under that banner point the way to the blessings of liberty, peace, and prosperity that are found in national submission to Jesus Christ.

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From Irenaeus To Grotius: A Sourcebook In Christian Political Thought

edited by Oliver O’Donovan and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan

The most comprehensive history of Christian political thought–complete with primary texts available in English for the first time.

From the second century to the seventeenth, from Irenaeus to Grotius, this unique reader provides a coherent overview of the development of Christian political thought. The editors have collected readings from the works of over sixty-five authors from this period, together with introductory essays that give historical details about each thinker and discuss how each has contributed to the tradition of Christian political thought. Complete with important Greek and Latin texts available here in English for the first time, this volume will be a primary resource for readers from a wide range of interests.


Price: $30.00

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