Covenant Sequence in Leviticus and Deuteronomy

by James B. Jordan

In this path-breaking study, Jordan investigates the literary and theological structure of the books of Leiviticus and Deuteronomy. He shows that the organization of these two books, far from being random, is intimately related to the covenant God made with Israel at Mt. Sinai. The sacrifices and laws of uncleanness in Leviticus, for instance, form an extended commentary on the creation and fall of man, while the law section of Deuteronomy is a commentary on the Ten Commandments. A separate study of Leviticus 19 finds that chapter to consist of seventy laws, carefully arranged in a theological pattern. Presented as outlines studies, these essays are both an important contribution to the ongoing discussion of the covenant, and also useful Bible study aids for any serious Bible student.


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