75 Questions Your Instructors Pray You Won’t Ask

By Gary North

Unless you're "one in ten thousand" as Christians go, you've been misled. Maybe it hasn't been deliberate on the part of your Bible teachers, but it's true. In Christian college classrooms, pulpits, and Sunday schools throughout the land, people are being misinformed about Christianity, year after year.

What I'm talking about is humanism. People who think they are hearing "the good, old-time religion" are being indoctrinated by well-meaning (and sometimes not so well-meaning) teachers who are either outright humanists or who have been compromised by some of humanism's most important doctrines.

The trouble is, very few people are willing to put their faith to the test. They really don't want to think about the possibility that they've been misled. They don't want to sit down and examine their beliefs in the light of what the Bible has to say. Christians pretend that they know what the Bible has to say, but they absolutely refuse to ask themselves (or anyone else) the key questions, and then search for the Bible's answers.

What are these key questions? There are at least 75 of them. Actually, that's only a beginning, but 75 are enough to prove to almost anyone who really believes that the Bible is God's inspired Word that what he has been told the Bible teaches is false.


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