Catherine Bleisch- The Grassroots In Action: Achieving Quantifiable Results

f21-banner-4Catherine Bleisch, executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project in Kansas City, is a grassroots activist who early in her activist life was a self-described leftist who had been indoctrinated to believe the mantra “Republicans bad; Democrats good” but who came to the realization that it is not a left-right dichotomy that is really the underlying struggle in our country, but that the real struggle is between liberty and centralized control.

Her epiphany came from being exposed to the philosophy of Republican congressman Ron Paul of Texas.  That set her on the path of being an activist and catalyst for the defense of liberty under law.  This transformation took place in 2007.  She didn’t have long to wait before that philosophical shift was tested in a significant way.

In an earlier post, we discussed the issue with the Missouri Information Analysis Center report on “suspect groups”, basically a modern “Enemies List” targeting many groups and individuals identified as being supportive of returning the country to its Constitutional boundaries.  Bleisch was called to the response of this issue, and did she and her organization ever respond!

She developed a strategy of education and mobilization of freedom activists, including collecting official documentation from the state of Missouri through the use of Freedom of Information Act and state open records laws, putting together a coherent and informed response, educating state elected officials on the significant concerns with the MIAC report, engaged and brought to the table a large number of activists, prepared and presented testimony, and most importantly, did not let go of the issue or took a dismissive response from officials as a good answer to their questions.

Her strategy:  seek grassroots input, identify the ROOT of the problem, think outside the box, do what is RIGHT (no matter how much opposition and derision you might receive from those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo), and keep focus at the level where the problem can be solved the best (in this instance, it was at the state level with the executive and legislative branches of Missouri government).  Also, give your supporters effective action informational alerts:  keep it short, sweet and specific to the root problem.  She also suggests mobilizing the media (not the MSM, but alternative and independent media sources) to support your position and build your support.

With activists like Catherine Bleisch and her energy and solid ideas, the future of liberty under law in our country looks hopeful.

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