The Growing American Tyranny and how to stop it

f21-banner-4This is the theme of the Freedom21 conference. Conference host Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center and Amanda Teegarden of Operation Information opened the event with a welcome and a short discussion of why, in our era of nationalized industry, environmental radicalism, and the ever-growing loss of Constitutional freedoms, it is more important than ever to understand and learn how to “connect-the-dots” between all of the seemingly unconnected efforts of the progressive left.

Whether it be education, environmentalism, our financial security, invasive governmental programs, or property rights, each issue has roots in a larger program to eradicate American sovereignty and our way of life. The speakers at this conference each have decades of experience in their subject areas, and thankfully, some wins under their belts against the creeping totalitarian zeitgeist.

Our vice-chairman and I will be bringing you speaker by speaker summaries of their information for your education and action.

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