Dr. Jane Orient- Caps Quotas and Czars: The Plan To Wreck American Medicine

f21-banner-4The current move to assume control of the health care industry by government has nothing to do with altruistic impulses but is about complete control of all aspects of life, including the health of the governments subjects.

Senator Jim DeMint has made the statement that health care might be Obama’s Waterloo. During Napoleon’s 100 days he had declared the beginning of a New World Order and the entirety of his agenda rested on the Battle of Waterloo, where he lost.

Dr. Orient tied G. Edward Griffin’s talk on the FED to the action of health cartels like United Health and other large corporations, which is squarely behind government efforts to nationalize and centralize health care. The American Hospital Association and other professional associations are in support of Obamacare for the same reasons as these corporations. What do they get from the deal? Like banks, they get to craft their own regulation and essentially have shadow control of health care through controlling boards and committees. They become the enforcement agents for the new system and have a direct line to taxpayer-funded subsidies.

The plans include “National Health Boards,” an idea that first appeared under the Clinton health plan. Under the Clinton’s, an attempt was made to keep meetings of the seed group secret, but the effort was thwarted by alert activists who sued and made the meetings public. The same thing needs to be done now.

The Obamacare bill has “end of life treatment- denial of” clauses, as Sarah Palin has been called a liar and otherwise pilloried in the press for mentioning, but the press has conveniently ignored or denied them. The fact is that patients are already being starved and dehydrated by contract that patients and families are being talked into signing by existing health care corporations. Obamacare would take them from the status of fraudulently made contract to legal requirement to die when the patient becomes expensive.

Under Obamacare definitions are being subtly shifted from benign to destructive. The meaning of well-being, for instance, is being shifted from the patient to society. It becomes the patient’s duty to die if the well-being of society in general is threatened by the patient’s continued survival.

Dr. Orient destroys the myth of the “cruel” American system which, by law, requires treatment for all patients going to a hospital, to the so-called “compassionate” Canadian system which requires enrollment in a provincial health service for treatment and allows hospitals to refuse treatment even to patients who will die (and many have) without it if they can’t show the proper proof of enrollment. Examples were provided.

Dr. Orient exposes the attempted fraud of Democrats running phoney, stacked-deck “town hall” health care meetings. She chronicles the fact that Republican meetings in opposition to the health care plan are simply not having the same problems as the meetings that were designed to be “puff and fluff” to show overwhelming support for nationalized health care that are turning out to be showing exactly the opposite, especially among otherwise loyal Democrats.

Again, a compact and fast moving presentation that I simply can’t give full justice to. Get the Video On Demand for the conference to get the full presentation.

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