Senator Randy Brogdan- How To Restore America to Constitutional Principles

f21-banner-4Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdan called for a return to the fundamentals of government- the US Constitution. He cited the cascading problems that now face the nation and pointed back to the fact that politicians have been ignoring the restriction of their powers for several decades. Brogdan stated that a return to the restrictions of the Constitution will not be easy but that we have an obligation to do the job.

Sen. Brogdan pointed out that we have no choice but to step up to preserve our freedoms. We have really no choice. We have been given the assignment from the generations that passed before. While our present generation settles for greed and corruption we have been assigned the task to stand in the gap so that freedom can be passed to the next generation. He warned that this job cannot be done while moral thought gravitates toward immorality and perversion. He points out that this is true because we have lost sight of the reference point of freedom. Thomas Jefferson called these things “self-evident” and yet they are quickly being lost.

The fight to recover liberty will require sacrifice but the rewards will be worth the sacrifice. Many of us will become discouraged but we need to remember that one honest voice can overwhelm a crowd. Life in any nation is good only as long as the people remain vigilant and free. While our leaders exploit our moral blindness to work towards erasing our borders those of us who still possess the vision cannot surrender.

Senator Brogdan made it clear thathe was not calling for change but restoration. That includes a restoration of America’s moral foundation. As long as there is a spark of righteousness left we can recover our freedom and liberty in the republic. But, he warned, it must be accomplished at the STATE level.

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  1. Randy first let me say you have my vote for governor. Now,Arizona is passing a bill requiring proof of citizenship to be on the ballot in Arizona. What can this mean for Obama in 2012? Can we do that here before November or at least before 2012?

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