Communicating with the grassroots–New ways, new technology

f21-banner-4The opening session today was a panel on how to use new technologies and techniques to communicate and activate the grassroots of America.  The panel consisted of John Stadtmiller of the Republic Broadcasting Network, and Gary Franchi and George Shepherd of Republic magazine.

Stadtmiller discussed the history of the network he operates, utilizing alternative media and internet based broadcasting to bring voices to the airwaves which wouldn’t be normally heard on commercial radio.  The Network’s motto is “Real News Real Talk Real People:  Because you can handle the truth”.

Gary Franchi, publisher of Republic magazine, discussed the usage of new technology to bring together people and organizations to activate the freedom movement.   They have launched a social networking site, ala FaceBook, called RTR ActNet, dubbed “the activist network for the modern revolutionary” to bring together freedom activists in community.  The platform is being used to help generate idea development and provide a space for those who are working to promote liberty, often without recognition or thanks, to be able to share their efforts with others.

George Shepherd discussed the rationale for the formation of Republic magazine, and that it is a information organ to help people learn about information much like what has been presented over these last two days at the Freedom21 Conference.  They are launching a local franchising option for folks who are interested in developing media for their communities or regions and need publishing support.   Shepherd believes that in order to be able to be successful in restoring our Constitutional republican form of government. 

Another effort that Shepherd discussed is the formation of an online “television network”, Freedom TV, which he dubbs the “1st online TV station for the patriot movement.”  From on-demand movie downloads to liberty-based informational programming, Freedom TV has it.

All in all, the panel’s main message is that there are numerous streams available to share information and to encourage activists without having it filtered or suppressed by the main stream media, whether it be via the Internet or over the airwaves.  The information revolution may be a key to the restoration of the republic.

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