Fiat Money and the Sustainable Action Plan


Freedom21 speaker Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates spoke to the nearly 300 people in attendance on Thursday afternoon on why the current American monetary system of fractional reserve banking (often called fiat money) is being managed to drive America away from our national sovereignty and into a global form of governance.

The attack is from a plan by international groups coordinated by the United Nations known as Agenda 21. This document is driving an agenda to take away private property rights, remove individual, unalienable rights from people for “global (human) rights”, and ultimately, in the name of the environment, reduce the “burden” of human population on the planet’s ecosystem. Using the UN’s own documentation, Shaw points out that all rights would be subject to the will of the United Nations. Goodbye unalienable rights (life, liberty, property).

Shaw also discussed that the concept of “sustainable development” is the rallying focus for this radical shift in our country’s way of life.

Three areas in which this transformation is centered include land control by government (illustrated by a document graphic of the “Wildlands” UN initiative, which would put over 50% of the land area of the United States off limits to human development or habitation), the transformation of the educational system to created “global citizens”, and what Shaw referred to as the Three E’s: Equity (the idea of social justice as replacing the rule of law, and American justice system being subjugated by international law); Economy (the destruction of free enterprise and the implementation of government-private “partnerships” replacing private ownership of business and industry); and Environment (sustainable development plan, which drives all of the rest of the transformational efforts).

The American monetary system, with its inherent instability generated by the use of fractional reserve banking, has provided an artificial prop to explode the economy, and a current turnaround in the economy is allowing for a concentration of power by a totalitarian-leaning political elite. Shaw warns against trying to quickly abandon this system in favor of an honest-money (100% reserve) system, due to the significant upheaval that can occur. He also cautions against totally embracing a gold-based system, asking the question “who controls or has a quorum on the current gold reserves?”, which is a legitimate concern, and may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, allowing large governmental players to continue to exercise control over the economy.

Shaw discussed some ideas on how to transistion the current system to an honest-money system without totally destabilizing the dollar in the process. Freedom Advocates provides materials to help people understand the issue.

The last part of his presentation involved exposing the agenda of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). This is the organization to push Agenda 21 initiatives to the local governmental level to complete the control mechanism over property rights.

There is more to understand than we have space to discuss here, but a visit to Freedom Advocates, or ordering the video of this conference from Freedom21 is a good place to expand your informational horizon on this issues.

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