Real ID and Gun Control

f21-banner-4Larry Pratt, Executive Director of the no-compromise 2nd Amendment organization Gun Owners of America, discussed the nexus between the federal effort to collect biometric and other data on Americans with the dangers of creating lists of private gun owners that could be utilized to disarm the populace should a totalitarian administration choose to do so.

Pratt raised concerns over the effort to require gun records (conceal carry permits, hunting licenses, purchase forms, etc.) to be entered onto RFID chips as part of an “enhanced” drivers’ license, which was a serious concern with the Real ID Act.  An earlier attempt to create federal registries of gun owners was defeated when it was proposed in the Patriot Act, but the potential for electronic data collection of this information in both Real ID and the current PASS ID are real and of great concern.  Another issue of concern, beyond this information being on drivers’ licenses, is that individual firearms themselves can be fitted with RFID chips to track their ownership without the person consenting to such data collection.

Pratt gave example after example of the history of gun registration leading to gun confiscation and loss of freedoms for people in many other countries, from Hitler’s Germany to Castro’s Cuba.    He urged attendees to work to preserve the rights we are guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, before it may be too late.

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