Marc Morano- Unraveling The Climate Change Hoax

f21-banner-4This was the most humorous but informative presentations so far in the conference. Mr. Morano juxtaposed official global warming claims to actual newspaper and other news outlet sources to humorously demonstrate the hoax of global warming “science.” While light-hearted in its approach, Morano’s presentation cut to the heart of the climate change  controversy: global warming MUST be happening or there is no reason to impose draconian legislation to limit access to energy without massive taxation.

Morano demonstrated that the so-called “consensus” among climate scientists simply is a non-existent specter created by government agencies, both national and international and touted by news outlets who know that disaster sells. The impact of the constant reporting of impending doom, with every town-crier giving a different date for the end is beginning to show both in the private and scientific sectors. Documents purporting to contain the work of scientists are generally accepted by votes of a few dozen non-scientists who add the names of anyone who worked even in the most peripheral way to the document as supporters. Often majorities of those scientists disagree with the conclusion of these political reports.

Politicians then point to these bureaucratically produced “scientific” reports as the excuse they need to come out in favor of regulatory and tax-based “solutions” to a completely fabricated crisis. The problem is not restricted to the industrialized world. The trade part of “Cap and Trade” requires western industrialized nations to “buy” so-called “carbon credits” from pre-industrial third-world nations. These poor countries, usually under the thumbs of tin-horn dictators, military juntas and other totalitarian crooks who gladly pocket the money and their subjects, many of whom die daily from diseases caused by a lack of technology necessary for safely cooking and storing food, a lack of medicine, clinics and doctors and wallow in poverty from a lack of any jobs beyond hunting an gathering or subsistence farming, have no chance to advance themselves. Western politicians kid themselves (or try to kid their constituents) that the monies they have given the third-world crooks in trade for their “carbon credits” is redistributed to their subjects instead of winding up in Swiss bank accounts as insurance against the day when they are deposed by the next tin-horn.

The bottom line is that politicians are using fraudulent science as an excuse to impose total control over energy production and use. They view climate change as an excuse to create tremendous “revenue opportunities” for huge  new taxes.

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