Michael Chapman- President Obama and the UN Agenda to Control American Education

f21-banner-4Michael Chapman spoke on the link between National Education Standards, National Curriculum, National Assessments and Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. He says the philosophy of education in one generation becomes the philosophy of government of the next. Children are being trained to become the bureaucrats and politicians who will be in control of the society that has outlawed economic freedom and private property.

The US re-joined UNESCO in 2003 under George W. Bush. “No Child Left Behind was simply the continuation of a program begun under Johnson’s Great Society and it simply required that states honor other educational contracts they had committed to in the past. Obama’s education plan acknowledges that education is a weapon that can be used to change the attitudes in a  society.

Chapman explains what Sustainable Development claims to be. While its goals appear on the surface to be noble, it is real aim is complete control over economies, redistribution of wealth, control of population, etc. Chapman demonstrated that like bad pennies, the same nams keep turning up in administration after administration despite party monikers to keep the agenda marching along. Many N0n-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) under these men are working to influence educational efforts toward national curriculum requirements to make Agenda 21 the dominant paradigm through which students will be indoctrinated to view everything they are presented with.

The purpose of education is being converted from the teaching of facts to the transformation of society. Outcome-based education is simply social engineering designed to make good worker bees in an interdependent society without national identities. National education officials are now setting up competitions for grant money which will be awarded to states who set up and ENFORCE global standards as set by the Dept. of Education based on Sustainable Development. States who refuse to compete or cannot meet enforcement goals will receive no federal grant monies.

Current efforts are to move the educational push for globalism from the national and international level to the local level. Students are being encouraged to unplug from the “Americentric” view and go over to a “global” view. For instance, students are encouraged to ignore evidence from sources other than UN approved outlets on the subject of global warming when those UN outlets receive monies precisely for giving the UN the excuse for assuming control over energy production and use.

The US is also attempting to control the “heart attitudes” of students. In other words, they want to control their thoughts and guide them to the group-think necessary for a completely controlled society. Students are no l0nger tested to find out what they know they are assessed to determine if they can make proper judgments. In recent assessments a large majority of 9th grade students were shown to believe that it was the governments responsibility to set prices and redistribute wealth to the “poor.” This was considered to have been a successful curriculum. The Earth Summit statement atates openly that the purpose of education is to influence people’s “proper” attitudes not the teaching of facts. It has been stated that more education is dangerous because people with higher education tend to control and consume more of the earth’s resources, thus demonstrating that the real purpose is to “dumb down” education.

Under Agenda 21 schools are to be turned from education centers to job-training centers. People are being referred to as “economic capital” by educators who are being steered away from producing individual thinkers and toward producing worker drones. Public-private partnerships (economic fascism) are being exploited to implement this because employers now no longer need to spend the money necessary to train employees. Taxpayers now pay what employers used to. This is the purpose of the Workforce Investment Act.

The Obama plan is based on the idea that “environmentally related” job growth will greatly outpace private sector job growth and that is based completely on his dedication to “Cap and Trade” and other elements of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21. In other words, he intends to ram through his version of Agenda 21 and a totally planned economy ala Marxism one way or another. The effort is designed to destroy American belief in “inalienable rights” in favor of temporary rights provided by government.

This was a very compact and fast moving presentation. It was also one of the most important of the conference. I would recomment going to Freedom 21 and taking the “live feed” of this presentation (in fact, I recommend it for the whole conference). I simply cannot do this presentation justice in a “live blog” format. It is jam packed with information that, frankly, everyone who is concerned about what their child is learning at government schools should know.

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