Patrick Wood- Dark Moon Rising: The Technetronic Era

f21-banner-4Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book called Between Two Ages. It is important because it described as the gradual appearance of a more controlled society dominated by an elite undeterred by traditional values. Wood explains that international banking and multi-national corporations have supplanted nation-states as the creative forces in the world.

Wood began by showing the inter-locking relationships between members of the Tri-Lateral Commission, big business and the executive and legislative branches of government. He also demonstrated that Tri-Lateralists have rejected constitutional controls on government and reject the notion of national sovereignty.

He said that “you cannot win a war against an enemy you do not know and cannot name.” Failure to meet the enemy on the battlefield  of public opinion means eventually they will have to be met on an actual battlefield. He says there’s only one road to recovery from the damage the Tri-Laterists have wrought- Run the perpetrators out, replace Congress with people who refuse to let them return, strip the executive branch of unconstitutional powers, Force Congress to do all of its constitutional duties, return rightful sovereignty to the states.

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