Southern Poverty Law Center and MIAC

f21-banner-4Former Constitution Party presidential candidate and pastor Chuck Baldwin address the conference attendees regarding the recent attempts to “identify” those individuals and groups that are “extremists”, focusing on the situation that occurred in the state of Missouri earlier this year.

A report was issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) regarding identifying those individuals and groups who could be considered potential domestic terrorism suspects, and Baldwin was specifically named in the report, along with a handful of other third party political types.  Baldwin has spelled out a detailed analysis of the issue here.

Baldwin points out that the MIAC did not get the template for creating this report from the state of Missouri, or from the federal government, but from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit that Baldwin stated is dedicated to undermining organizations that support Christian principles, mainly by targeting them as “hate groups”.

Baldwin urged pastors and activists to continue to fight for liberty, as a number of states are being influenced by groups such as SPLC, and other states have versions of the MIAC report that created the furor in Missouri.  More will be said on this issue in the upcoming post.

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