Dr. Michael Coffman- Global Governance and Agenda 21

f21-banner-4Dr. Michael Coffman, of Environmental Perspectives, Inc, is a distinguished veteran in the battle to eliminate global governance. He is an environmental scientist who was instrumental in helping convince even some of the most liberal members of the US Senate that the UN Biodiversity Treaty was simply an unacceptable assault on American sovereignty. So he’s definitely what you might refer to as an expert on UN efforts at global governance.

Dr. Coffman spoke on sustainable development. Agenda 21 is a UN effort to control all land use internationally, nationally and locally. It includes “combatting poverty,” “community development,” and “environmental protection”  using groups like the Sierra Club and other “environmental” groups to gain control of these issues.

Dr. Coffman explains that Agenda 21 is designed to “protect” the environment for its own sake rather than utilizing the environment for maximum efficiency in supporting human, animal and plant life. The purpose of Agenda 21 agencies is to protect the environment from humans rather that protect it for humans, a gigantic difference.

Agenda 21 stands against the private ownership of property as a primary evil and a contributor to poverty and therefore all property rights must be removed from the control of the individual to the control of Agenda 21 controlled agencies. How can removal of private property from the hands of owners to government combat poverty? Dr. Coffman showed through a study of existing data that it will, in fact, have exactly the opposite effect. Poverty increases as property rights are destroyed and the UN has dedicated itself to destroying the existence of private property.

Dr. Coffman drew relationships between decreased economic freedom, part and parcel of private property and decreases in per capita Gross Domestic Product. Canadians and Europeans have lower GDP’s than the United States because of lower economic freedom. Especially telling is the discrepancies between former communist bloc countries and the US.

If Agenda 21 is adopted, economic freedom will simply disappear into that agenda which seeks to control the ownership and use of all private property. So-called “smart growth” which is being touted by former VP Al Gore, is a small part of Agenda 21. Local community planners love this system because it gives them complete control over the economic health of businesses in their jurisdictions.  “Smart growth” communities have grossly inflated costs on commercial property in their jurisdictions vs. communities without it due to regulatory costs. This slows business growth and stifles economic activity.

Dr. Coffman explained that global warming caused by man is a complete fraud (he was in the past a climate researcher) and that fraud is being used to grab control over huge portions of the economies of huge sectors of industrialized nations. Meanwhile, very few environmental scientists agree with doom and gloom official reports of UN controlled research on the subject of man-made global warming. Dr. Coffman explained that it is much more likely that any global warming that existed (the earth has been cooling for several years) was caused by increased solar activity. He also presented evidence that Temperature only shows a very poor 44%relationship to CO2 levels.

In the meantime Agenda 21 demands huge reductions in CO2 production which will require gigantic expenditures with little hope of cost recovery. Agenda 21 has also required the locking away of huge domestic natural resources, right here in the United States, because of the flawed theory of CO2 caused global warming.

Dr. Coffman showed that the average family will spend close to $11,000 per year in new costs due to energy taxes if the “cap and trade” style parts of Agenda 21 is adopted. That on top of millions of lost jobs (as many as 7 million jobs).

The international community and global banking cartels are bringing global governance to the local level. If “cap and trade” passes what remains of our personal economic liberty will be destroyed.

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