Codex Alimentarius

f21-banner-4The title sounds foreboding, doesn’t it? It should. Codex Alimentarius is Latin for “food codes”, and it is a massive global effort to “harmonize and standardize food regulations, both domestic and international.” Attorney Scott Tips, of the National Health Federation, presented on the issues surrounding this initiative, and how it can have severe negative impacts on the health and longevity of the populace. One of the key areas targeted for severe restrictions under this program is natural health care products.

Under the Codex standards being developed, alternative therapies for significant diseases would be banned, even though many “mainstream” treatment modalities are signficantly more health-threatening than natural health care preparations.  As a matter of fact, looking at the data, the “conventional” approach to health care has resulted in over 800,000 deaths at the hands of medical professionals, 100,000 deaths by pharmaceuticals, and 5,000 deaths by food issues.  By comparison, natural products have been implicated in only 10 deaths, over the last 23 years!

Codex Alimentarius is a template for coordinating action between governments, utilizing treaties and executive agreements to tie countries into the centralized control mechanism.  The Codex Alimentarius Commission has been in existance since being created by the United Nations in 1962, and has grown into a massive bureaucratic structure with 27 committees and numerous working groups creating these standards, meeting in either Rome or Geneva each year to ascertain progress on the coordination goals, which ultimately will centralize control over all food production and distribution (or redistribution) on the planet.

Tips ceded that the Codex is a noble concept, as it is supposed to be developed to eliminate trade barriers and protect the health of consumers, but it has been “captured” and the actual process has been twisted to become an anti-natural product, anti-free market, pro-drug, slow to change leviathan whose decisions are based on junk science, and will ultimately lead to negative consequences for the health and welfare of the populace.

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