Live from Freedom 21 National Conference

f21-banner-4The Institute for Principled Policy is pleased to be a co-sponsor of the 10th annual Freedom 21 national conference, being held this year in Oklahoma City, OK. We have a front row (exhibitor) seat to all of the conference, and will be blogging on all of the very important information that will be shared during the next three days.

I want to give you a flavor of what to expect as we report this event. This is from the Freedom 21 agenda: “The people who attend this conference share a common desire to advance the principles of freedom–to all people–for all time. We work through our various organizations, through coalitions, and through cooperative campaigns, such as Freedom21, to better coordinate our efforts to prevail over those people who continue to promote, and advance policies that empower government to ignore the principles of freedom, in pursuit of an unachievable social and environmental utopia.

Freedom cannot be sustained in the presence of “sustainable development.” The two concepts are mutually exclusive. Sustainable development can exist only when people are controlled by government; freedom can exist only when government is controlled by the people.

We hope this conference will provide the knowledge, information, and inspiration for each of us to be more effective in our efforts to advance the principles of freedom—in all that we do.”

The conference is for folks to connect the dots and figure out just what is wrong in our country, and what to do to make it right again. Stay tuned…it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride!

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