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Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 7/29/2017- God’s Character, Christian Evangelism, and Obamacare

Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 7/29/2017- Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis start the show with a discussion of God’s character and the implications of that. We then move over to debates with the Christian community  regarding how to evangelize Muslims and other non-believers. We finish with the Republican betrayal of the people who elected them, in part, to rid us of the albatross of Obamacare. We expose liars and phonies like Rob Portman, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain, etc. who ran on the promise to repeal Obamacare then voted against it.

Posted in Apologetics, Biblical Worldview, Commentary, Critical Thinking, Economics, Federal Legislation, Podcast, Public Policy Principles News, Public Policy Radar, The Vote.

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