Principles and Policies Podcast for 11/16/2013- Ad Hominem, “Neutral Scholarship,” And A New Constitutional Convention

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Saturday November 16, 2013. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis analyze an article written by Timothy Baldwin called Constitutional Hypocrisy at a website called News With Views. Baldwin attempts to build National Journala case that since some opponents of an Article V convention are proponents of state interposition against federal tyranny (sometimes called nullification as a pejorative) and since nullification isn’t specifically listed in the Constitution and therefore does not exist, then it follows that these people are mistaken in believing that there are things implied in Article V that exist even though they are not written. Not only that, but anyone who opposes a new convention is delusional and in league with the federal usurpers. We argue that Baldwin, son of former Constitution Party Vice-presidential and Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, ignores history, especially historical primary source documentation, in favor of modern constitutional “scholars,” primarily Dr. Robert Natelson, an open partisan in favor of a new convention who purports “neutral scholarship.”

We also review an article in the National Journal which calls for “blowing up the Constitution in place” which shows how the radical left views a new constitutional convention as a golden opportunity to radically alter or re-write it.

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