Principles And Policies Podcast For 10/10/2015- Quitting Before You’re Fired In Politics

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Saturday October 10, 2015. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis discuss and analyze the recent resignation of House Speaker John Boehner and the race to replace him and ask the question “if there are 2 candidates for House Speaker then why did John Boehner postpone the Speaker election?” Then we expose John Kasich’s pandering to the left in order to win in the New Hampshire presidential primary with vanishing results.

Article links- Leftist ideologue journalist Leonard Pitts heaps praise on Boehner in order to excoriate conservatives

John Boehner postpones elections for congressional leadership

Another take on the previous

John Kasich offers to buy Bibles for those who oppose his Medicaid expansion (see the video below)

John Kasich pleads ignorance on negative Common Core details to a constituent at a rally