Directed Panspermia And Punctuated Equilibria- Origins And Proof Of Evolutionary Theories Revealed!


It was recently revealed that Orgel and Cricks theory of “Directed Panspermia,” where human life was posited to have been planted on earth by advanced humanoid civilizations in ages past, has gotten a boost from evidence recently found stashed in a government warehouse. Apparently it had been stored there until it could be studied, examined and tested by “top men,” according to government officials. It is also thought that these same warehouses may contain important archaeological artifacts of considerable religious significance but possessing strange and not completely understood powers. Many of the items were obtained prior to and just after WWII.

Close study of the materials revealed startling evidence for Eldredge and Gould’s “punctuated equilibria” model of extremely rapid evolutionary change. The evidence strongly suggests that the mechanisms that cause the rapid changes of “punctuated equilibria” are no longer functional. Ironically, it is now thought that the rapid changes of “punctuated equilibria” were caused directly by the origins of directed panspermia and evidence suggests those same influences may have disabled the mechanisms.

We have obtained copies of the evidence in translated form and you can view that evidence by clicking the icon below.