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Principles and Policies Podcast for 3/15/2014- Government Follies And Their Effect On Us

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Saturday March 15, 2014. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis seriously examine some of the truly silly stuff coming out of Washington DC and Columbus, Ohio. While we are looking at them from a humorous direction we also discuss where these problems originate and what it all means for us.

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Principles and Policies Podcast for 11/03/2011- Reformation Day Continued

This entry is part 19 of 55 in the series Principles and Policies Podcast

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Thursday November 3, 2011. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis of the Institute For Principled Policy continue their discussion of the impact of the Reformation on society.

Enviro-dolt Has “Animal House” Moment In An Attempt To Make Some Sort of Point

“I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”– Otter in Animal House.

The opening line of the story on the Fox News website is the first indicator of  the depths of nit-wittery that some are willing to engage in to draw attention to some issue they clearly haven’t thought through to its logical endpoint.

A British endurance swimmer summoned the peak of his powers to become the first person to swim under the summit of Mt. Everest, Sky News reported Sunday.

Needless to say, this was an incredibly dangerous stunt.  According to the article

He came close to drowning during test swims for the event amid bouts of altitude sickness on the Pumori Lake, which sits 17,000 feet above sea level.

Why would someone undertake such an incredibly dangerous stunt? Unlike athletic attention hoarders of old who did “adventurous” things because they were a challenge, not to mention potentially lucrative if the effort was successful, this dare-devil ostensibly has a higher purpose in mind. As Mr. Lewis Gordon Pugh (the swimmer, known as the “Human Polar Bear”) put it-

“I have seen glaciers in the Arctic, the Alps, Central Africa, Antarctica and the Himalayas — and it’s the same story everywhere,” he said.

“Most glaciers are melting away. The glaciers in the Himalayas are not just ice. They are a lifeline — they provide water to approximately two billion people.”

Did you catch that? “The glaciers in the Himalayas are not just ice… They provide water to approximately two billion people” Yes, indeed they do. And how do they provide water to those two billion people? BY MELTING!

The same as they have every spring for thousands of years since the glaciers first formed.

Yeah, yeah, we know. His point is that there is more melting now than in the recent past. Apparently, Mr. Pugh is completely unfamiliar with (or in denial about) climate records that indicate that glaciers worldwide have advanced and retreated, more dramatically and at much more regular intervals than science once thought. There have been warm periods where they did not exist at all and cold periods where they covered vast expanses of the continents. Man didn’t cause these advances and retreats, just as he is not now causing them.

But, of course that admission would make his effort completely pointless, wouldn’t it? Mr. Pugh has a faith in anthropogenic global warming and no form of proof to the contrary can shake that faith. Furthermore, Mr. Pugh has chosen to become the modern day equivalent of a Flagellant, a fanatical sect of Christians who would ritually whip themselves in public until they bled as a form of penance; it was a particularly nasty form of mortification of the flesh.

This author has no information regarding the state of Mr. Pugh’s faith or his lack of it. But we would be willing to wager that Mr. Pugh would treat the stories of the Flagellants with derision and contempt, judging them as ignorant religious fanatics. Perhaps that is the deepest irony of this entire incident.

When Educators Tell The Truth


This was too good to let pass. Though we have not been able to verify whether or not this is real, it is difficult to argue with the sentiment.

In an age where parents are scrambling to avoid their responsibility to properly educate their children and are willing to pay thousands of dollars per year to get others to do it for them, there are still some refreshing responses from educators that indicate that the teachers and administrators “get it” even if the parents don’t.

Unfortunately, this attitude has not yet penetrated the thinking of the majority of  educators in the United States. But if Australian teachers have gotten it can we be far behind?


US Economics In One Easy Lesson!


The Sinking DollarKeynsian economic analysts Ma and Pa Kettle explain the economic “bailout.” Note the advanced math and complex calculations which, even now, are being employed by other “economic experts” to prove the necessity of the actions being taken by Congress to “bailout” businesses and banks which should be allowed to fail because of their bad business practices.

The Austrian economist discussing the issue with them is obviously somewhat taken aback by the audacious and revolutionary approach being utilized by these Keynsian masterminds. Their complex mathematical gymnastics overwhelm the more straightforward approach of the Austrian economist.

Prepare for the next Great Depression which we’re pretty certain won’t be so great. (Give the video a minute or two to load. It’s big!)


Another “Revelation” From The “No Kidding!?” Dept….

Irony“Brain Scans Show Bullies Enjoy Others’ Pain” screams the headline in this breathlessly reported Washington Post article. Well, ya’ think?

We sometimes find ourselves a little incredulous at the nattering boobery of the so-called media elite, especially when it’s over something as obvious as this.

Of course bullies enjoy spreading misery. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it. It may come as something of a shock to the Washington Post staff writers but there are a limited number of things that motivate fallen man. Avoidance of pain and pleasure lead the list. Bullies get pleasure by inflicting pain. It’s pretty simple, but it took a study by a Psychology professor at the University of Chicago to get the WaPo to see what most of us “lesser lights” grasp more-or-less intuitively. The fact that parts of their brain “light-up” when they are feeling the pleasure of inflicting pain is one of the “stunning revelations” of the study.

We’re underwhelmed.

Looking Into The Acme Crystal Ball

Wile E. Coyote is an interesting study. No matter what he tries, nothing works. He designs (with the help of the venerable Acme Corporation and its subsidiaries like Indestructo) elaborate schemes to trap the elusive Road Runner. They never work. The Road Runner is always too fast or too clever and Coyote’s schemes always backfire with spectacular results. And yet he can’t stop. He just has to catch the Road Runner. It’s a compulsion. He forgets that there is other game that won’t require the huge outlays of time, talent and treasure to catch.

Sound familiar? It should. Think about Christian “conservatives” who, like the Coyote, just can’t stop trying to capture the Republican Party. No product in the Acme catalog seems to help. The Republican Road Runner always taunts them with an obnoxious BEEP, BEEP, as if to laugh and say “keep trying, sucker.”

The sample provided below is especially illustrative. Watch closely from about the 4:50 mark to the end. It’s a perfect illustration of what Christians can expect from the Republican Party. The quality of the Indestructo hollow ball is the only limiting factor to the number of circuits the Coyote can make in the ordeal. No one knows yet what the limiting factor is for the number of circuits Christians can make.

Watch and chuckle. Then think about it.


Directed Panspermia And Punctuated Equilibria- Origins And Proof Of Evolutionary Theories Revealed!


It was recently revealed that Orgel and Cricks theory of “Directed Panspermia,” where human life was posited to have been planted on earth by advanced humanoid civilizations in ages past, has gotten a boost from evidence recently found stashed in a government warehouse. Apparently it had been stored there until it could be studied, examined and tested by “top men,” according to government officials. It is also thought that these same warehouses may contain important archaeological artifacts of considerable religious significance but possessing strange and not completely understood powers. Many of the items were obtained prior to and just after WWII.

Close study of the materials revealed startling evidence for Eldredge and Gould’s “punctuated equilibria” model of extremely rapid evolutionary change. The evidence strongly suggests that the mechanisms that cause the rapid changes of “punctuated equilibria” are no longer functional. Ironically, it is now thought that the rapid changes of “punctuated equilibria” were caused directly by the origins of directed panspermia and evidence suggests those same influences may have disabled the mechanisms.

We have obtained copies of the evidence in translated form and you can view that evidence by clicking the icon below.