Does God Tell Us Who To Vote For?

Over at The American View, our good friend Scott Whiteman has written an article that claims to answer that question. It is entitled Yes, God Does Tell Us Who To Vote For.

Frankly, we think Scott makes his case. We invite, no, we implore you to read it.

An excerpt

Observe, and discern, Christian, your duties as a citizen of the City which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God, for whom may we lawfully vote – and vote accordingly. No more voting for the lesser of two evils. If no one qualified is on the ballot, voting is not an obligation. Non-participation in a fixed election is always permitted; or go to the ballot box to write in or vote “None.” Perhaps we ought to recognise “that when the nobles themselves favour manifest tyranny, or at least do not resist it, hypocrites reign through the sins of the people and by the permission of God; that these hypocrites may not be overthrown by any device, unless the people themselves turn to God in their hearts; and that is a task for bended knees, not arms and legs.” “When tyrants sit in the throne of justice which under pretence of executing justice are hypocrites and oppress the people, it is a sign that God has drawn back his countenance of favour from that place.”

We think you’ll find the article thought provoking. Many of you (especially you supporters of Rudy McRomney) will find it wrath provoking. In any case you won’t come away from reading it without an opinion of it. Let Scott know what you think. And let us know as well.