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Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 11/11/2017- Media Agendas, Shootings, Compromised “Pastors,”Attacks By Radicals, And Political Hatchet Jobs

Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 11/11/2017- Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis take a closer look at the Texas church shooting and the major problems with the agenda driven coverage. We segue into “Pastor” Carl Lentz’s attempt to excuse infanticide followed by a completely hollow “backtrack” We then look at a possible connection to Antifa’s call for violent revolution starting on Nov. 4 to both the Texas church shooting and the attack on and grievous injury of Senator Rand Paul by a radical liberal neighbor. We finish up with a discussion of the “October Surprise” accusations of Judge Roy Moore, a candidate with a 17 point lead in the Alabama US Senate special election whose timing is , to say the least, curious.

Article links- A chainsaw bayonet? Seriously?

“Pastor” Carl Lentz compromises on infanticide on The View

“Pastor” Carl Lentz tries to backtrack, proves that there is no middle ground



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