The President Adopts Statist Tactics to Further His Agenda

constitutionMost Americans are not aware that there is a constitutional provision that allows the Chief Executive to intimidate citizens into supporting his legislative agenda.  Oh wait, wrong country. (Pop quiz: how many things are wrong with this opening statement?)

Chillingly reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the White House is encouraging people to snitch on dissenters of the new American socialism (aka “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009”).  Yes, this is the White House encouraging this, not the Kremlin.  It would seem that Mr. Obama and his Chicago-machine-politics contingency in the White House have been rocked back on their heels by the rampant opposition to the unconstitutional takeover of 1/6 of the U.S. economy.  President Obama apparently assumed that his healthcare utopia would sail through with flying colors because of his charisma, rhetoric, and compliant media outlets.  Instead, middle class Americans are rising up at congressional town-hall meetings and giving their representatives an earful.  Talk radio and the internet are ablaze with startling facts about the draconian legislation, which a majority of members of congress have admitted not having even read.  Of course in Obama’s America, facts are characterized as lies, and protesters are classified as terrorists and unruly mobs.

Not content with having to deal with ordinary citizens opposing unconstitutional and dangerous legislation, the White House is fighting back in an unprecedented method (at least in modern American history).  The executive branch of government is asking Mr. Obama’s supporters to report “disinformation” regarding healthcare reform directly to the White House!  Here is the verbatim quote from the White House website as of 08.04.09:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to [email protected].

Interestingly, the White House fails to mention exactly what will be done with these tips.  Perhaps the dissenters can expect to have a little chat with Rahm Emanuel or find a dead fish in their mailbox?  Or maybe they’ll just end up down at Guantanamo, as there will soon be plenty of spare room down there.

This ploy by Mr. Obama should make the blood of every red-blooded, patriotic American citizen boil.  This type of thinly-veiled threat by a President violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution, the principles of separation of powers, and every tenet of a free society.  This is Saul Alinski on steroids!  (Speaking of Alinski, the leftists and media are accusing the town-hall dissenters of the very tactics that Alinksi himself devised: rent-a-mobs, civil chaos, and intimidation).  The White House may as well just post this on their website: How dare you serfs question the grand plans of your most gracious and benevolent overlord.

Now we must beware of casual conversation and emails we send out, lest we end up on the government blacklist.  The land of the free and the home of the brave is yesterday’s news, the marxist “brave new world” has arrived and not a shot was fired.  Barack Obama promised to radically transform America during the campaign, and most Americans chalked it up to empty rhetoric.  Unfortunately, this is one campaign promise that apparently intends to be kept.

P.S. For anyone who would like to report this illegal article to the White House, the website is


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  1. It is also highly illegal…

    5 U.S.C 552A… United States agencies, including the Executive Office of the President, shall “maintain no record describing how any individual exercises rights guaranteed by the First Amendment unless expressly authorized by statute or by the individual about whom the record is maintained or unless pertinent to and within the scope of an authorized law enforcement activity.”

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