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Is The Constitution Pornography?

Progressives are getting desperate. They cannot deal with the absolutes of the Constitution, so they first resort to criticizing it. Barack Obama did this in 2001, saying the Constitution was fundamentally flawed because of its restraints on government.


After the 112th Congress opened its session with a historical reading of the Constitution on the House floor in January 2011, this really set the progressives over the edge. First, Marxist propagandist and former Howard Dean campaigner Ezra Klein claimed that the Constitution was irrelevant and has no binding power!


(Does the First Amendment have any binding power on Klein’s right to write and speak lunacy?)

The third step was for several liberal legislators and the lamestream media accusing republicans and TEA partiers of having a “constitution fetish“.  The word “fetish” has a couple of definitions.

1. An object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.

2. Any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

While the technical context of the criticism was the first, the obvious connotation was the second. Much like the tea partiers were labeled as “teabaggers” by the progressives (a repulsive act of homosexuals), now the Constitution itself has been derided and sexualized as pornography – an addictive vice that is worshiped, idolized, and causes arousal.

At the same time, progressives will defend real pornography as a sacred right protected by the very document they lampoon!

This is what happens when absolutes are thrown out the window – reality is subjective to the whims of those in power. The Constitution, much like the Bible, is chock-full of didactic and absolute language – “shall” and “shall not” – referring to the powers and limitations of the federal government. However, progressives and tyrants prefer feel-good dialectic and flexible language that appeals to our flesh and humanistic sinful nature. This how government health care becomes a “right”, homosexuals are allowed to serve in the military, and illegal immigrants become righteous victims deserving of mercy instead of law-breakers.

If anybody has a fetish, it is the progressives with their obsession of “salvation by the state”.  So-called democracy is their church, the media is the choir, and the IRS passes the collection plates (at the point of a gun). Some even get a thrill up their leg at the mere thought of a savior-President. Who has the fetish now?


With this crowd, every problem has a big-government solution, and anyone who dares to appeal to a higher authority to argue otherwise is dismissed with sophomoric insults. Yet the book of Ecclesiastes tells us that what is crooked cannot be made straight. (Eccl. 1:15). This fallen and sinful world cannot be “fixed” by the power of the state. The founders of America knew this, and crafted our brilliant Constitution because they understood human nature.

It’s not about fetishes, it’s about world view. It’s not about worshiping or deifying the Constitution, it’s about respect for absolutes and God’s authority over His creation. The only question is, are there enough Americans remaining that have a Biblical and Constitutional world view of absolutes to preserve this nation for future generations? Or will we allow those with big-government fetishes to trash our Constitution and turn us into a European-style secular and socialist state?

Aware of the tendency of power to degenerate into abuse, the
worthies of our country have secured its independence by the
establishment of a Constitution and form of government for our
nation, calculated to prevent as well as to correct abuse.
Thomas Jefferson

Reprinted by permission of Liberty Nation

Are Constitutionalists Mentally Ill?

Apparently so – according to the anti-nationalist, global elitist Economist propaganda site.  Quote:

“There is something infantile in the belief of the constitution-worshippers that the complex political arguments of today can be settled by simple fidelity to a document written in the 18th century.”  Harvard Law professor Michael Klarman (oooh, aaah) coins the phrase “constitutional idolatry” to lampoon those tea-party loons and American traditionalists who vainly attempt to wrest truth out of that antiquated and simplistic document.

Yes us peasants should just sit down and shut up, and allow the “smart” people to run our lives solve the world’s complex problems. In fact, we should just repeal the Declaration of Independence and revert back to a British monarchy!  This would actually please the Economist crowd, as they laud the “magnificent exception of Britain’s constitutional monarchy”. (Yes that system worked out well for the American colonists who were murdered, tyrannized, and taxed to death under the boot of King George).

The truth is, European and American “progressives” have nothing but utter disdain for the absolute truths of the Constitution, and the Word of God upon which it was built. Like any tyrant wannabe, they despise the limitations placed on government and the common-law liberties given to the people. The idea of transcendental God-given inalienable rights is a complete anathema to them. One shudders to think what kind of governing document would emerge from a convention of this motley crew – no doubt it would give absolute power to the state, and privileges to the people.  Regarding the Constitution, then senator Obama derided the American Founders for their ignorance in creating a “charter of negative liberties” that dares to place limitations on the state.[youtube][/youtube]

The globalist elites cannot defeat the foundations of America on principle, so they resort to ad hominem attacks and sophomoric parody. The founders of America recognized the fallen and sinful nature of man, and accordingly crafted a limited government with separation of powers as a safeguard against tyranny.  In contrast, progressives believe in the inherent “goodness” of man and power of the state to create utopia on earth through central planning.   So-called progressive thinking is from the pit of Hell, as it is nothing more than the same two lies told by Satan in the Garden of Eden – God’s revelation to us is not true, and we can in fact become our own gods. How has that plan worked throughout human history?

Thank you to the progressive globalists at the Economist for showing your true colors, this makes our job much easier.  And yes – according to the dictates of the Bible, we do owe fidelity to the Constitution as that is America’s “caesar”.  (We would gladly prefer that imperfect document to rule over us than one of you academic pinheads). While it may may true that the Founders could not have foreseen nuclear armament treaties, global telecom, international monetary complexities, and intrastate transportation and energy infrastructure – the existence of 21st century realities do not extinguish the eternal truths regarding human nature.  Our modern world certainly does not necessitate the burning of the founding documents of the United States – which has had the longest track record of sustained government, security, and prosperity in human history.

The founding principles of America are unchanged – we must honor God as a nation, maximize the decentralization of government, and maintain separation of powers to preserve liberty in a fallen world.  Otherwise, we fall under the yoke of tyranny as the last 6000 years as proven time and time again.  The Constitution can be amended when necessary, but only by the consent of the governed.  While that concept must surely annoy the globalists at the Economist, we American patriots will exercise our God-given rights to defend our Constitutional rights to the death if need be. The Second Amendment may an “antiquated concept”, but it is still very effective in practice.

Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ – which is eternal life.

Harvard University Rules and Precepts – 1642

Diagnosis on Health Care Vote – A Symptom of a Sick and Dying Nation

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

John 10:10

The despicable health care vote of March 21, 2010 is not the fault of Barack Obama or the democrats. It’s not the fault of republicans for squandering twelve years of congressional power on federal expansion. It’s not the fault of MSNBC, the SEIU, ACORN, or the G.E. Corporation. It’s not the fault of the American public for electing Obama in 2008, or their collective 70% approval rating at the onset of his term. (It’s not as if everything was fine in 2008 and then suddenly turned south in 2009). It’s not even the fault of the public education system for finally producing a generation of dumbed-down Americans that would gleefully elect a cadre of radical leftists to run the federal government. In fact, this is the exact result one would expect from a sick and dying nation.

It’s easy to curse the darkness and start targeting the above villains that have brought us to this socialist storm brewing on the horizon. It’s easy to treat each of these evils as if they are the real problem, endlessly plugging holes in the dyke only to bolster the flood waters. It’s easy to play “what if” – if only we’d elected McCain – if only the tea party were more organized – if only the media would stop being biased – if only Congress would heed the will of the people – if only the republican party would get its act together, etc. Maybe it’s time to stop trying to treat the symptoms and tackle the disease itself.

What then is the root cause? Why is America sick and dying, with that process now having been accelerated by the advent of a European-style socialized heath care system? It really is a simple answer – THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST IN AMERICA HAS FAILED. The church has failed for decades to be salt and light in the culture, and here we are scratching are heads wondering why the average American doesn’t “get it”. The fact is most Christians don’t get it either. Polling shows that at best, ten percent of Christians evangelize the lost. And a substantial percentage of that evangelism assumes that we still live in the nominally Christianized society of the 19th century. Couple that with the absolute lack of worldview training and discipleship, and the lack of doctrine and biblical literacy in the average evangelical church. Then couple that with the frightening trends among Christian youth in America, a group that almost monolithically rejects absolute truth (to say nothing of the secular youth). This combination makes one begin to realize that socialized medicine is only the beginning of sorrows in America.

Socialized medicine has been decades in the making, it was inevitable. As societal rejection of God increases every year, the state must rise in His place. In fact, the Marxists have telegraphed their plans for the last 100 years, why are we surprised? The church in America has failed to the be the storehouse and beacon of truth in our society. Now a majority of Americans decide for themselves what truth is, and are dumbfounded when the state passes draconian legislation against the consent of the governed. As William Penn stated over 300 years ago: Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants. Outside of a moral society based on Christianity, the principle of the consent of the governed no longer operates. The sinful nature of human beings cannot co-exist with true liberty, the state must fill the void.

Even still, there is much deserved backlash against the passage of so-called health reform. Now there is a “conservative ascendency” in America as people look for a GOP takeover of Congress in 2010 to lead us to the promised land. There other movements afoot as well – Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and of course the loose coalition of Tea Party groups. However, we had a republican congress from 1994-2006. The anarchist and godless French revolution of 1789 only produced more tyranny. Secular political solutions will at best produce short term victories, delaying the inevitable result of a sick nation – DEATH. Lost people are dead spiritually. Yes the proposed repeal of this legislation and the reassertion of tenth amendment state’s rights are noble endeavors. However, unless the collective spirit of America is awakened, the nation will still riding the long, black train to the graveyard – it will just take a little longer to get there. Only the power of Christ can accomplish the miraculous, and only God’s absolute truth can sustain a free and vibrant nation.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?What good is liberty to dead people?

Mark 8:36

Will the church rise up once again as did in the Great Awakening to shine the light of truth on America, and offer real solutions that will reverberate throughout eternity? Or will she continue to build buildings, play rock concerts, reject sound doctrine, fail to evangelize the lost and disciple the found, while retreating further from the culture? The church has a golden opportunity to disciple the nation is true liberty, and yet she is allowing secular movements to fill the void – much like education has ceded to government schools. If the church will not tell the truth in society, then who will? We are endowed by God with our rights, and yet Americans reject that God in favor of human saviors and self pleasure. Americans therefore have no right to complain as those rights are stolen right before our eyes. As Josh McDowell has pointed out, this could well the be the last Christian generation in America. If that is the case, it will also be the last generation to have any memory of a free society. Government health care will be just the beginning of the nation’s death throes. Is the church ready for CPR yet?

Climate Change is a Theological Issue

Reprinted from Liberty Nation with permission

The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.

Psalm 24:1

The definition of “sacred” is that which we will not question, even though it cannot be proven.  Christians hold sacred the beliefs in the divine inspiration of Scripture and the deity of Christ, even though these cannot be proven.  This is the essence of faith – the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).  On the other hand, Newtonian physics is not venerated since it has been proven using the scientific method.  No faith is required to believe in gravity.  However, what happens when a scientific theory is treated as sacred doctrine, even when the empirical evidence is totally contradictory?  Enter the chaotic world of CLIMATE CHANGE.

As with any religion, there are two groups of people in the global warming movement (or climate change, or whatever we’re calling it this week): the shepherds and the sheep.  The sheep do not have critical thinking skills, lack a proper worldview, and they are looking for meaning in their lives.  This a dangerous combination, and it makes them easy prey for the trappings of a false religion – and the shepherds know this all too well. While some of the shepherds may actually believe the hype around climate change, many are knowingly propagating misleading data to manipulate people into a pre-determined agenda.  This has been demonstrated by the recent “Climate Gate” scandal.

The problem is that the word “science” is used as a sledgehammer to bludgeon anyone who questions climate change.  However, climate change is not based on science.  Instead, it is based on scientism – which is accepting a scientific theory as absolute truth in the absence of true scientific evidence.  Climate change is a false religion, and it has every mark of such:





Religious Symbols

Holy Books

Holy Days




Tithes and Offerings

Redemption for Sin

Dire Warnings of Armageddon

And Finally, A Saviour For The Earth.

The President Adopts Statist Tactics to Further His Agenda

constitutionMost Americans are not aware that there is a constitutional provision that allows the Chief Executive to intimidate citizens into supporting his legislative agenda.  Oh wait, wrong country. (Pop quiz: how many things are wrong with this opening statement?)

Chillingly reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the White House is encouraging people to snitch on dissenters of the new American socialism (aka “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009”).  Yes, this is the White House encouraging this, not the Kremlin.  It would seem that Mr. Obama and his Chicago-machine-politics contingency in the White House have been rocked back on their heels by the rampant opposition to the unconstitutional takeover of 1/6 of the U.S. economy.  President Obama apparently assumed that his healthcare utopia would sail through with flying colors because of his charisma, rhetoric, and compliant media outlets.  Instead, middle class Americans are rising up at congressional town-hall meetings and giving their representatives an earful.  Talk radio and the internet are ablaze with startling facts about the draconian legislation, which a majority of members of congress have admitted not having even read.  Of course in Obama’s America, facts are characterized as lies, and protesters are classified as terrorists and unruly mobs.

Not content with having to deal with ordinary citizens opposing unconstitutional and dangerous legislation, the White House is fighting back in an unprecedented method (at least in modern American history).  The executive branch of government is asking Mr. Obama’s supporters to report “disinformation” regarding healthcare reform directly to the White House!  Here is the verbatim quote from the White House website as of 08.04.09:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to [email protected].

Interestingly, the White House fails to mention exactly what will be done with these tips.  Perhaps the dissenters can expect to have a little chat with Rahm Emanuel or find a dead fish in their mailbox?  Or maybe they’ll just end up down at Guantanamo, as there will soon be plenty of spare room down there.

This ploy by Mr. Obama should make the blood of every red-blooded, patriotic American citizen boil.  This type of thinly-veiled threat by a President violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution, the principles of separation of powers, and every tenet of a free society.  This is Saul Alinski on steroids!  (Speaking of Alinski, the leftists and media are accusing the town-hall dissenters of the very tactics that Alinksi himself devised: rent-a-mobs, civil chaos, and intimidation).  The White House may as well just post this on their website: How dare you serfs question the grand plans of your most gracious and benevolent overlord.

Now we must beware of casual conversation and emails we send out, lest we end up on the government blacklist.  The land of the free and the home of the brave is yesterday’s news, the marxist “brave new world” has arrived and not a shot was fired.  Barack Obama promised to radically transform America during the campaign, and most Americans chalked it up to empty rhetoric.  Unfortunately, this is one campaign promise that apparently intends to be kept.

P.S. For anyone who would like to report this illegal article to the White House, the website is


Your Local Library – Cornerstone of the Community?

library“The library decades from now will look different, no question.  But it will still be that cornerstone of the community.”

So says Pat Losinski, director of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, in the Columbus Dispatch (5/17/09).  The article was about the brave new world of central Ohio libraries as they desire to become urban trendsetters as they “get their groove on” by embracing the latest electronic toys, rather than being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.  Specifically, these toys are electronic readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Playaways (several hundred of which were recently purchased by the Westerville Library).  These electronic readers appeal to a younger demographic who would much prefer to be passively read to, rather than being forced to expend mentally energy on reading comprehension.  State librarian Jo Budler rallies behind the exponential dumbing down of our society by proclaiming that taxpayers are “getting more for our money, not less”.  Why, this is no less than a “digital arms race” in which we must plow ahead full steam ahead, according to the Delaware County Library director!  In fact, Delaware County voters just passed a ten-year property tax on themselves to build another library branch, and of course beef up their arsenal of Playaways – without which civilization evidently cannot advance.

And pray tell, what shining example is used for these technological wonders that will lead our “cow towns and cornfields” out of drudgery of obsolete paper books?  What bastion of truth is hoisted up as the beacon of the new enlightenment emanating from the cornerstone of our community?   What literary classic will herald the new Information Age – James Fenimore Cooper or the Federalist Papers or perhaps the Annals of the World?   Sorry, not trendy enough.  Instead the Dispatch article features a picture of Linda Uhler of the Westerville Library, with a big Gidget smile and a proud sparkle in her eye, holding up the latest addition to the Westerville Public Radio Shack – yes, it’s Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code!

Finally!  We can all breathe a sigh of relief, as society cannot move forward without numerous copies this electronic book widely available for public listening.  The Da Vinci Code of course has been a worldwide phenomenon, as this fast-paced thriller expertly dices apart thousands of years of accepted Christian theology by calling Jesus Christ a liar and venerating Mary Magdeline to goddess worship.  We can all rest easy as our communities are wisely using our tax dollars to spread critical knowledge, advance the arts, and benefit society.

Meanwhile, dozens of Ohio libraries –  those precious community cornerstones – routinely ban the use of public facilities for “religious activity”.  This would include any meeting where prayer, singing, or other religious elements are practiced.

Of course, we can’t mix “state and religion” together.  Unless of course you’re using taxpayer dollars to order electronic readers which trash the religion on which our nation was founded.     Before the accusations fly about those wacky fundamentalist Christians screaming for censorship – time out, not the point.   But let’s stop the nonsense that public libraries that propagate relativistic truth while denying religious meetings are the “cornerstones of our community”.  After all, the word “cornerstone” in this context would be defined as the essential and in fact the indispensable foundation upon which to build a community.  Such hyperbole may stroke the egos of those in the library profession or help pass tax levies, but communities could certainly function without taxpayer-financed libraries and their hip electronic toys.

Maybe it’s time to at least question the wisdom of attaching Da Vinci Code electronic readers to our property taxes.  At most, maybe we should conjure up debate about whether or not running libraries is a legitimate function of civil government in the first place.   Could these institutions not be nonprofit entities, financed by donations from the community and grants from businesses?     That way the community could decide with its dollars whether or not to have the Satanic Bible on audio.

Government takeover of the energy sector?

Maxine Waters, the infamous and incompetent congresswoman from California (surprise), let the genie out of the bottle last week. Congress had one of its many grandstanding sideshows (er, excuse me, “hearings”) where the evil oil executives were subjected to the grand D.C. Inquisition with the cameras rolling. While Congresswoman Torquemada was grilling the CEO of Shell Oil, she made a startling threat that the federal government would socialize the oil and gas industry if prices don’t come down. She quickly realized her gaffe and tried to backtrack amidst the restrained laughter of her colleagues. See video here:


However, this is no laughing matter. It is well documented that the radical environmentalist movement is driven by the unholy trinity of worldviews: evolution, paganism, and marxism. The communists have found a new home in the radical green movement, and millions of well-meaning Americans have been duped into destroying their own nation’s prosperity – all the while thinking their doing something good by “saving the planet”. I would estimate that a substantial number of Democrats and probably a few Republicans secretly share Waters’ desire to socialize the energy sector, healthcare, agriculture, and every other facet of our economy.

Socialism is a historical failure every time it is tried, and is antithetical to the revealed Word of God and the U.S. Constitution. Imagine the potential abuses under a government-run energy system. Energy rationing would be a given, consider that smart power grids and thermostats are already being designed and installed in many areas of the country. These “smart” systems are ostensibly designed to help consumers manage their energy consumption by having access to real-time load and price information, but how much of a stretch would it be from encouraging energy reduction to mandating it? As far as gasoline, imagine a secondary card reader at the pump where you must insert your government-issued energy card to have access to fuel. The card would monitor your fuel consumption and cut you off if you over the limit.

Or, what if you are labeled a subversive or “troublemaker” by the government? It would very easy to ensure compliance with tyranny by simply restricting energy access. If you want your energy, just be a good little citizen, keep your mouth shut, and live like a tree-hugger with your cold showers and 50 mph matchbox car made out of aluminum. People would live in absolute fear of protesting government action at any level, and the U.S. could quickly be turned into a socialistic Orwellian nightmare without a shot being fired.

The CEO of Shell wisely retorted to Waters that he’s “seen this movie before” – it’s called Hugo Chavez and Venezuela! People rightfully are looking for solutions to lower energy prices and reduced pollution, but the free market is optimal solution for such. The free market is not a utopian solution, but certainly better than an energy sector run with the efficiency of the motor vehicles department and enforcement tactics of the IRS. Having said that, corporate America is not off the hook either in this mess. Industry and business leaders must yield to the advice of William Penn 300 years ago: Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.

Godless capitalism with its unscrupulous business practices, shady accounting, price collusion, poor stewardship, shoddy quality, market manipulation, etc. will undoubtedly lead to Maxine Water’s vision coming true. Without a moral foundation to commerce, people will scream for socialism as the demand for basic necessitities of life is not going to diminish anytime soon. There is not a line item for morality on a corporate balance sheet – however industry would be wise to conduct itself according to the principles of Proverbs, or it will find itself conducted accourding to the principles of the Communist Manifesto.

Return First Salvo

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Can A Christian Be Deceptive In The Political Arena?

RadarThe axiom is true that “he who frames the question wins the debate”! The presupposition of the thread title is that crossing over in a primary is deception. It’s not, but more on that later.

Some definitions first:

Deception by definition is misleading other people. A strategic tactic by definition is not necessarily misleading, but a crafty maneuver to achieve victory.

My contention is that:

  1. Deception is used in the Bible on numerous occasions for God’s purposes or for a greater purpose. Deception is used by necessity in warfare, athletic competition, and games of skill. Strategy (not deception) is employed by necessity in competitive business. Therefore, strategic tactics are certainly not “off limits” in the political realm which is certainly a form of warfare and infinitely more important that games and sports.

  2. Crossing over in an open primary is not deception by any stretch of the definition. The tactic in certain situations is a justifiable strategy and violates no scriptural principles.

Without going into full-blown exegesis, here some scriptural examples where trickery and outright deception are used either by direct command of God or to fulfill a greater purpose:

Genesis 44: Joseph (a type of Christ) tests his brothers by not revealing his identity and making them think that Benjamin was a thief.

Numbers 13: God affirms the Israelites’ desire to send spies into Canaan.

Joshua 2: Joshua’s spies in Jericho hide out in a prostitute’s house; she then lies to the king about their whereabouts. She is not only spared from destruction, but she ends up in the Messianic line.

Judges 3: The deliverer Ehud uses false pretenses to enter Eglon’s presence and get him alone. He then proceeds to thrust a knife into his belly.

Judges 4: Jael pretends to offer Sisera protection, then proceeds to hammer a tent peg into his head while he is asleep. This act is honored in the next chapter by Deborah’s victory song.

Ruth 4: Boaz (another type of Christ) lies by omission to the kinsman by describing Ruth as “Moabitish widow”, not exactly a tempting offer for the kinsman. Boaz neglected to mention that Ruth was young and attractive!

You can certainly argue that God can use whatever means he desires to fulfill his divine plans, however in four of the five examples I see no admonition or command from God for the deception to take place. I also can’t find a condemnation. So we can at least establish that by scriptural examples and by necessity, deception is warfare does not violate scripture.

Let’s look at the games of football and chess. Victory in these contests depends 90% upon successfully deceiving your opponent! Are we to seriously contend that those who excel in football or chess in danger of divine judgement? Assuming no, we can establish that deception (not cheating) in leisure competition does not violate scripture.

What about in competitive business? Now in this case the argument can be made that deceiving customers, stockholders, the general public, government regulators, etc. violates scripture and is destructive to advancing the kingdom. However, is there a problem if you can employ a legal and ethical strategy to gain advantage over a competitor?

An example would be if a customer shares with you your competitor’s pricing. Outside of a nondisclosure agreement, there is nothing immoral about this. Especially if the competitor is providing substandard service. What if a former employee of a competitor comes to work for you and shares some of that competitor’s methods? Outside of a nondisclosure agreement or outright stealing of intellectual property, there is nothing immoral about this either.

I suppose one could invoke the golden rule here, however that cuts both ways. If you don’t want your customers or employees to do these same things to you then treat them right in the first place. It’s amazing how customer and employee retention rates increase when this happens! In any case, we certainly must concur that employing strategy to gain advantage in a competitive business environment is ethical and moral.

Now we come to all-important political realm. Again, outright deception here is definitely forbidden because it almost involves bearing false witness. Lying to voters about your stances, breaking campaign pledges, embellishing your experience, etc. would qualify. HOWEVER, if outright deception can be used in warfare and football and strategy can be used in business to gain competitive advantage, then it stands to reason that strategic tactics can be employed in politics without violating principle. Examples would include:

  1. Using advanced knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order to steer a meeting to your advantage,

  2. Using IRS loopholes to set up a 501c3 “charity” in order to collect tax-exempt donations for eventual use in electioneering or lobbying,

  3. Compromising on critical legislation in order to get 90% of what you want,

  4. Threatening a lawsuit in order to intimidate an enemy.

Modern American Politics is a form of warfare. The damage that socialism can do to a nation’s populace at least as dangerous as the danger from a foreign invasion, maybe even more so. I submit that as believers we are justified in using ANY strategic tactic outside of lawbreaking or outright deception that will cause confusion in an enemy’s camp or gain an advantage in the battle.

Now we come to the crux of the debate which of course is that crossing over in a primary is NOT deception and it NOT diminishing the stewardship of your vote. (For sake of debate we will assume there is no loyalty oath and that a stellar candidate has a lock on the GOP nomination). For there to be deception, by definition, there must a recipient of the deception. The quarterback has to fake somebody out. If as a republican you vote democrat in an open primary, who exactly are you misleading? It is common knowledge that crossover voting occurs in primaries, so the democrats aren’t being deceived in any way.

You can argue that you’re intruding on the other party’s “sacred” process of choosing their own nominee, but if this process is so sacred then why is there an open primary in the first place? The parties could easily move to a caucus/convention system. For democrats to complain about crossover voting would be like you complaining about racoons in your backyard after stubbornly refusing to build a fence.

The bottom line is that you have every right by state law to walk into a primary election, request your enemy’s ballot, and cast of a vote for a candidate for whatever reason you like. If you want to vote for Hillary because you believe she’ll be easier to beat in the general election, or just to keep her in the race in order to make the democratic party implode, then it’s a great strategic tactic to either defeat your enemy outright or cause confusion in their camp. You’re not voting for Hillary to occupy the presidency, you’re voting for her to run for the presidency. Assuming that you’re not foreiting the opportunity to vote a 100% purist candidate on your own party’s ballot, I can’t see how this holds water in the voting stewardship argument either.

Beyond all this, where is the scriptural admonition that every vote cast must be for 100% purist reasons? Because if there is one then we have a lot of repenting to do!

Regarding trickery, deception, and strategy – several factors must be looked at. The chief of which is what is your intention? Boaz didn’t lie by omission and Joseph didn’t deceive his brothers for malicious reasons. What about deceiving Nazi soldiers at your front door looking to kill the Jews hiding in your basement? Certainly the noble intentions of protecting innocent life is the overriding concern here. Another factor is what does it do to your witness? In the case of crossover voting, this is not applicable because again nobody has been deceived.

Crossover voting is a tactic used to cause the confusion and defeat of an enemy that wishes to dishonor God, destroy your nation, harm its citizens, and perpetuate the killing of innocents. Will God look at your legal crossover voting as violating His principles or destroying your witness for Him? The answer is self-evident.

A Pagan Review Of The New Creation Museum

This article reviewing the new Creation Museum in suburban Cincinnati was found safely and snugly nestled between ads for gay bars, strip clubs, massage parlors, escort services and personal ads in a local Cincinnati Fish-Wrap and Bird-Cage Liner known as City Beat.

You won’t have to read very far for the ad hominem attacks to begin, with phrases like “intellectual molestation,” “fraud” and “ignorance is a form of terrorism” peppered throughout the article. Apparently Ken Ham has struck a nerve and the pagans and atheists are howling and calling for him to be immediatel and permanently silenced by whatever means necessary. Nice work Mr. Ham!

How many logical fallacies can you find being employed by the writer and the scientists?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.