Introduction And Table Of Contents

In November 2004 it was brought to the attention of the Constitution Party National Committee that the affiliated party for the state of Nevada had promoted an openly pro-abortion candidate for a national office. In the wake of this revalation a resolution was introduced at the Nashville National Committee meeting in December, 2004 to form a committee to investigate the incident and recommend a course of action. Due to poor preparation on the pro-resolution side and blatantly emotional and logical fallacy strewn arguments utilized by the anti-resolution side, the resolution was soundly defeated. The matter refused to die however. Over the next 2 years the battle see-sawed at National Committee meetings and culminated in the voluntary disaffiliation of several state party disaffiliates and the involuntary disaffiliation of one state party- Ohio’s.

Ohio was active in the debate during those 2 years and these archives are a partial record of that activity.

This Table of Contents is for a document presented to every member of the Constitution Party National Committee at the fateful Tampa National Committee meeting.

  • Introduction and Ananlysis of the Situation, April 2005
  • Letter to National Executive Committee from the Ohio Executive Committee- A short history of the Nevada Independent American Party (IAP) situation. April, 2005
  • Letter To Chairman Clymer From Ohio Executive Committee- Request for records and documents and explanation of chairman’s activities regarding obtaining the Nevada IAP’s compliance with the resolution passed in Columbus
  • Letter from Chairman Clymer in reply to Ohio Executive Committee letter of February, 2006.
  • Letter to Pastor Chuck Baldwin from Ohio Executive Committee requesting that he keep his promise to bring a resolution to disaffiliate the Nevada IAP if no compliance with the Columbus resolution is forthcoming. February, 2006
  • Documentation for the original December 2004 case asking for the investigation of Nevada IAP for allegedly violating the Sanctity of Life plank of the platform and the Sanctity of Life Resolution (San Antonio Resolution). December, 2004
  • Nevada’s official abortion position statement
  • Recent communications between Christopher Hansen, Reed Huestis, Frank Kellam and others
  • Janine Hansen’s Eagle Forum Pro-Abortion Candidate’s Position Questionairre
  • Letter from Ohio Constitution Party Executive Committee to Chairman Clymer withdrawing from participation but retaining affiliation with the National Constitution Party
  • Resolution of the Ohio Constitution Party State Committee in emergency session pursuant to authorization by unanimous State Convention Vote of April, 2006 and a failure of the Constitution Party National