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Politicizing The Church- Part I

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The Crumbling ChurchYou either love or hate him.  Constantine is his name, and he spent an amount of time as Caesar of the Roman Empire.  The years 306 to 337 to be precise.

His initial part of the Empire included Spain, Gaul and Great Britain.   He inherited the largest armies in the Empire, and spent a number of years in military campaigns before reuniting the Empire.  From 324 to his death, he was undisputed ruler over the whole Empire.

He may best be remembered for the city that bore his name for thousands of years, Constantinople, now Istanbul.  He moved the center of the Roman Empire from Rome to the Bosphorus, and initiated a culture, Byzantium that lasted a thousand years.  One of its economic highlights during this millennium was stable money, gold.  And stable money will always provide longevity to a culture.

There are many complaints about this man and what he did for Christianity.  For example, he had an influence in establishing the canon of the New Testament.  He allowed Christianity to flourish, and even got involved in church politics when it suited him.  The Council of Nicea (325) was called at his request.  At one time he led a group of Christians against other Christians, the first intra-Christian war.

For his “politicizing” of Christianity by making it an acceptable religion in the Empire, he seems to attract much more criticism than his predecessor, Diocletian, who initiated the worst persecution of Christians in the history of Christianity to that time.  But no one seems to criticize Diocletian as much as they do Constantine.  Why?

Even Constantine’s ethics don’t get the kind of criticism they might deserve.  He had both his eldest son and wife killed on what is now considered dubious evidence.  Maybe this is why he put off baptism until he was almost dead, apparently seeking as much absolution for past sins as possible.

But from that time, Christianity found a new ally in the political order.  It would take centuries for this alliance to be seen for either good or bad.  But today there are many criticisms of constantine because of his involvment in church affairs.  Well Diocletian also got involved in church affairs in a different way.  Surely Constantine deserves a little praise for his stand.

As a result of his influence, a religion that no longer suffered political persecution but political protection would become the defining force of a new geographic region to be known as Europe.

And Christians today still cannot make up their mind if this was a good or bad achievement even though they live in the remaining shadow of a culture that was based on the Bible, carved out of a part of the world where human sacrifice was still practiced in parts up to the 10th century.   That, by any standard, is a remarkable achievement, one which the modern church is yet to emulate.  But no one, it seems, wants to admit that perhaps Constantine had a significant part in the success of the Faith, even long after he was dead.

Ian Hodge, Ph.D.

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Fallout From The Tampa Debacle

This is a speech delivered by Chuck Baldwin at the Freedom 21 Conference held in Dallas in July. In it you will hear what has happened to the Constitution Party in the wake of the disastrous Tampa decision and subsequent party split and ongoing disintegration.

Note that the life issue has a rather obvious second if not third-tier status. The real issue to Baldwin is illegal immigration and American sovereignty. Not to disparage national sovereignty as an issue. It is one of the most crucial issues we face in this country.  But Baldwin ignores one of the most important reasons that God has permitted American sovereignty and in fact all of the structures of Christian American society,  to come under attack; our disobedience to God’s laws, especially regarding the murder of the unborn.

Chuck Baldwin illustrates that the conversion of the Constitution Party from an explicitly Christian party to a secularized libertarian party is now complete. The principled elements heve been vanquished, so it’s now OK to ignore the idea of being centered on Christ and embrace the idea that a return to the Constitution can “save us.”

Chuck Baldwin at Freedom 21 Conference July 2008

Introduction And Table Of Contents

In November 2004 it was brought to the attention of the Constitution Party National Committee that the affiliated party for the state of Nevada had promoted an openly pro-abortion candidate for a national office. In the wake of this revalation a resolution was introduced at the Nashville National Committee meeting in December, 2004 to form a committee to investigate the incident and recommend a course of action. Due to poor preparation on the pro-resolution side and blatantly emotional and logical fallacy strewn arguments utilized by the anti-resolution side, the resolution was soundly defeated. The matter refused to die however. Over the next 2 years the battle see-sawed at National Committee meetings and culminated in the voluntary disaffiliation of several state party disaffiliates and the involuntary disaffiliation of one state party- Ohio’s.

Ohio was active in the debate during those 2 years and these archives are a partial record of that activity.

This Table of Contents is for a document presented to every member of the Constitution Party National Committee at the fateful Tampa National Committee meeting.

  • Introduction and Ananlysis of the Situation, April 2005
  • Letter to National Executive Committee from the Ohio Executive Committee- A short history of the Nevada Independent American Party (IAP) situation. April, 2005
  • Letter To Chairman Clymer From Ohio Executive Committee- Request for records and documents and explanation of chairman’s activities regarding obtaining the Nevada IAP’s compliance with the resolution passed in Columbus
  • Letter from Chairman Clymer in reply to Ohio Executive Committee letter of February, 2006.
  • Letter to Pastor Chuck Baldwin from Ohio Executive Committee requesting that he keep his promise to bring a resolution to disaffiliate the Nevada IAP if no compliance with the Columbus resolution is forthcoming. February, 2006
  • Documentation for the original December 2004 case asking for the investigation of Nevada IAP for allegedly violating the Sanctity of Life plank of the platform and the Sanctity of Life Resolution (San Antonio Resolution). December, 2004
  • Nevada’s official abortion position statement
  • Recent communications between Christopher Hansen, Reed Huestis, Frank Kellam and others
  • Janine Hansen’s Eagle Forum Pro-Abortion Candidate’s Position Questionairre
  • Letter from Ohio Constitution Party Executive Committee to Chairman Clymer withdrawing from participation but retaining affiliation with the National Constitution Party
  • Resolution of the Ohio Constitution Party State Committee in emergency session pursuant to authorization by unanimous State Convention Vote of April, 2006 and a failure of the Constitution Party National

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NO on State Issue 1

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 2008 Election Issues

“This past May, the Ohio General Assembly passed House Joint Resolution 3, which placed Issue 1 on the ballot.  Previously, taxpayers have paid more than $300,000 to advertise information about initiatives that ultimately did not qualify for the ballot.  But, in an effort to build voter confidence in elections, ease elections administration and save valuable taxpayer dollars, Issue 1 seeks to establish clear timelines for filing and reviewing initiative petitions, thereby avoiding the aforementioned problem.”

Or so says Ohio State Senator Larry Mumper. Mumper claims that the purpose of Issue One is to “save taxpayer money” and to “establish clear timelines for reviewing petitions.” The reality is far less flattering to state legislators.

Several citizen initiative petitions and constitutional amendments which have proven to be embarrassing to state legislators have been not just successful, but have passed by wide margins, often despite legislators efforts to sabotage them.

Issue one reduces the amount of time available to petitioners to get approval by 35 days. An examination of the history of these initiatives and referendums reveals that some of the true grass roots efforts would have failed had they not had those 35 days. You can know with a confidence approaching metaphysical certitude that legislators know it. And they are also aware that a number of them were embarrassed by their lack of support for and efforts to defeat the issues which passed by those wide margins. They also want a monopoly on what laws and amendments are passed.

The passage of Issue One would make it much more difficult for local activist groups with limited resources to get issues that the legislature refuses to move on or passes in error on the ballot for an initiative or referendum. It also makes certain that heavily resourced groups, often from out of state (e.g. ACORN) have an advantage in the initiative and referendum arena.

In short, Issue One will seriously weaken an important weapon in the arsenal of truly local citizens groups, while giving heavily resourced outsiders an advantage. It will allow state legislators to ignore the will of the electorate in controversial issues and pass half-way measures without fear of citizens embarrassing them at the ballot box with an initiative or referendum.

Vote “NO” on Issue One

Resolution Of The Ohio Constitution Party State Committee In Emergency Session Pursuant To Authorization By Unanimous State Convention Vote Of April 2006 And A Failure Of The Constitution Party National Committee To Do Its Duty

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series Nevada Disaffiliation Archives

A Resolution to express the intent of the Officers and Committee members of the Constitution Party of Ohio to withdraw the Constitution Party of Ohio from involvement with the national Constitution Party, its National Committee and its National Executive Committee as a result of the continued lack of principled adherence by the latter entity to the Constitution, Bylaws, Platform and binding resolutions of the Constitution Party in relation to the Nevada state affiliate situation.

WHEREAS, the Constitution Party of Ohio is a duly constituted and recognized state affiliate party of the national Constitution Party, independently organized and chartered in the state of Ohio and;

WHEREAS, the Constitution Party of Ohio has pledged, as have all other recognized state affiliates to the national Constitution Party, adherence to the Platform of the Constitution Party, including the no-exceptions position relative to abortion, and;

WHEREAS, the Constitution Party of Ohio, along with other state parties and individual national committee members have petitioned the national Constitution Party on numerous occasions for the resolution of the non-compliance of the Nevada state affiliate party, the Independent American Party of Nevada, to the no-exceptions abortion plank of the platform, and;

WHEREAS, the Independent American Party of Nevada has knowingly retained a chairman who advocates the killing of preborn children (abortion) in cases of rape, incest, life and/or health of the mother and fetal deformity, and said chairman has openly and publicly communicated and published said views, and;

WHEREAS, the Independent American Party of Nevada has placed on the ballot candidates at both the federal and state levels who have acknowledged holding such exceptions, while having the endorsement of the Nevada state affiliate of the national Constitution Party, and;

WHEREAS, the resolution to disaffiliate the Nevada state affiliate for non-compliance to the national Constitution Party constitution, bylaws, platform and binding resolutions was rejected by the Constitution Party national committee meeting in Tampa, Florida by a vote of 41 yeas and 57 neas, and;

WHEREAS, the founder of the national Constitution Party, Howard Phillips, publicly stated that the Nevada state affiliate was in compliance with the constitution, bylaws, platform and binding resolutions of the Constitution Party, while still holding the aforementioned exceptions and supporting candidates with such exceptions, and;

WHEREAS, the principled positions upon which the Constitution Party was founded, and the platform upon which the Constitution Party of Ohio relied as a statement of the national party’s commitment to “principle over politics” has been abrogated by the actions taken by the national party at the Tampa meeting, and;

WHEREAS, the Constitution Party of Ohio is committed to the original intent of the Constitution Party’s “principle over politics” statement of vision, mission and platform, and;

WHEREAS, it is evident that the national Constitution Party will not exercise appropriate party discipline in the matter of the Nevada state affiliate;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Constitution Party of Ohio withdraws from participation with the national Constitution Party, such withdrawal to include the withholding of financial payments and donations to the national party, withholding of individual contact lists as the property of the Constitution Party of Ohio, retention of the name “Constitution Party of Ohio” for the exclusive use of this entity as stated under the bylaws of the Constitution Party of Ohio, withholding of any ballot line access in Ohio for the Constitution Party of Ohio, said line not to be granted unless by majority agreement of the state convention of the Constitution Party of Ohio to any candidate picked by the national Constitution Party convention for the office of President of the United States, and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Constitution Party of Ohio calls on the national Constitution Party to re-commit to a truly principled, 100% Pro-life position which would require of party officers and candidates, at local, state, and national levels submission to such position, or discipline of said individuals or affiliate parties for violating such position, and that under no circumstances can the Constitution Party of Ohio join in the support of parties or candidates, at any level of government, who willingly violate this principled position.

Adopted by unanimous vote of the state Committee of the Constitution Party of Ohio on May 13, 2006.

Letter From Ohio Constitution Party Executive Committee To Chairman Clymer Withdrawing From Participation But Retaining Affiliation With The National Constitution Party

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Nevada Disaffiliation Archives

Chairman Jim Clymer

Constitution Party

23 N. Lime St.

Lancaster, PA  17602


Dear Chairman Clymer,

Pursuant to a vote of the Ohio Constitution Party State Committee in emergency session on May 13, 2006, which was called in accordance with a resolution passed unanimously at our State Convention on April 8, 2006, a resolution regarding participation in National Party functions was passed unanimously. The text of that resolution is attached.

The resolution passed by the Ohio State Convention empowered the Ohio Constitution Party Executive Committee to make decisions, subject to State Committee approval, regarding potential responses to the actions of the National Committee regarding the discipline of the Nevada Independent American Party affiliate to the Constitution Party. The decision of the Ohio Constitution Party Executive and State Committees is contained in the resolution of May 13, 2006.

The Ohio Constitution Party is withdrawing from all co-operative activity with the National Constitution Party as regards payment of donations, dues and assessments, provision of new contact information since they are our property, attendance at any and all party meetings, withholding of access to our ballot line except by majority vote of our State Committee. Furthermore, the Constitution Party of Ohio retains ownership of that name and similar names for our exclusive use.

Under no circumstances may this letter, the attached resolution or any other communication be construed as a disaffiliation from the National Constitution Party. We are withdrawing from active participation, not our affiliation.

Sincerely holding to principle over politics,

Chuck Michaelis

Chairman, Ohio Constitution Party