Are Constitutionalists Mentally Ill?

Apparently so – according to the anti-nationalist, global elitist Economist propaganda site.  Quote:

“There is something infantile in the belief of the constitution-worshippers that the complex political arguments of today can be settled by simple fidelity to a document written in the 18th century.”  Harvard Law professor Michael Klarman (oooh, aaah) coins the phrase “constitutional idolatry” to lampoon those tea-party loons and American traditionalists who vainly attempt to wrest truth out of that antiquated and simplistic document.

Yes us peasants should just sit down and shut up, and allow the “smart” people to run our lives solve the world’s complex problems. In fact, we should just repeal the Declaration of Independence and revert back to a British monarchy!  This would actually please the Economist crowd, as they laud the “magnificent exception of Britain’s constitutional monarchy”. (Yes that system worked out well for the American colonists who were murdered, tyrannized, and taxed to death under the boot of King George).

The truth is, European and American “progressives” have nothing but utter disdain for the absolute truths of the Constitution, and the Word of God upon which it was built. Like any tyrant wannabe, they despise the limitations placed on government and the common-law liberties given to the people. The idea of transcendental God-given inalienable rights is a complete anathema to them. One shudders to think what kind of governing document would emerge from a convention of this motley crew – no doubt it would give absolute power to the state, and privileges to the people.  Regarding the Constitution, then senator Obama derided the American Founders for their ignorance in creating a “charter of negative liberties” that dares to place limitations on the state.[youtube][/youtube]

The globalist elites cannot defeat the foundations of America on principle, so they resort to ad hominem attacks and sophomoric parody. The founders of America recognized the fallen and sinful nature of man, and accordingly crafted a limited government with separation of powers as a safeguard against tyranny.  In contrast, progressives believe in the inherent “goodness” of man and power of the state to create utopia on earth through central planning.   So-called progressive thinking is from the pit of Hell, as it is nothing more than the same two lies told by Satan in the Garden of Eden – God’s revelation to us is not true, and we can in fact become our own gods. How has that plan worked throughout human history?

Thank you to the progressive globalists at the Economist for showing your true colors, this makes our job much easier.  And yes – according to the dictates of the Bible, we do owe fidelity to the Constitution as that is America’s “caesar”.  (We would gladly prefer that imperfect document to rule over us than one of you academic pinheads). While it may may true that the Founders could not have foreseen nuclear armament treaties, global telecom, international monetary complexities, and intrastate transportation and energy infrastructure – the existence of 21st century realities do not extinguish the eternal truths regarding human nature.  Our modern world certainly does not necessitate the burning of the founding documents of the United States – which has had the longest track record of sustained government, security, and prosperity in human history.

The founding principles of America are unchanged – we must honor God as a nation, maximize the decentralization of government, and maintain separation of powers to preserve liberty in a fallen world.  Otherwise, we fall under the yoke of tyranny as the last 6000 years as proven time and time again.  The Constitution can be amended when necessary, but only by the consent of the governed.  While that concept must surely annoy the globalists at the Economist, we American patriots will exercise our God-given rights to defend our Constitutional rights to the death if need be. The Second Amendment may an “antiquated concept”, but it is still very effective in practice.

Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ – which is eternal life.

Harvard University Rules and Precepts – 1642