Thank God For The Incompetence Of Britain’s National Health Service

Unborn ChildWe read a lot of stories about the awful medical care provided by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). We really couldn’t think of any scenarios where any positives could come of it. But, of course, God can. And He also has a perfect sense of the ironic. And a perfect sense of humor.

This wonderful story of the survival of the unborn baby nicknamed “Rocky” by the NHS “medical experts” who apparently misdiagnosed and then failed repeatedly to murder the child in utero comes from Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper for Friday November 11, 2007.

And, what do you know? According to the article, these medical bunglers may have accidentally stumbled into a new technique that could save endangered babies in multiple-unborn pregnancies. God may just be getting a pretty big chuckle over the whole affair about now.