Report From England- Climate Change And The Sun

flare_sxi2_medThe webmaster is in England. Currently I am staying at the North London Rifle Club facility at Camp Bisley, Surrey, England. It is one of the parapets in the UK yet to be stormed in the world-wide effort to remove the absolute last resort tools that private citizens have for protecting their liberties, i.e. guns, from the hands of private citizens.

But that’s another story. Every day as I take the train to London to see the incredible sights there, I have noticed that the ad campaigns are laying it on thick about “climate change.” Daily there is a story in the newspapers (I have yet to turn on a television) about the hundreds of thousands per year who die as a result of “extreme weather conditions” in third-world countries. The newspaper stories and screaming billboards always cite the same research and scientific data to bolster their claims- none. That’s because there isn’t any.

And after all, why should there be? The global warming/climate change campaign is one based on emotion, not logic. Real science is not only ignored, it is an unwelcome encumberance to the goal of convincing people that they should accept government restriction of their lives and learn to live like those third-worlders- for the good of the planet, mind you.

And so, you get pictures of starving third-world children (who have been with us since the beginning of recorded history and, according to Jesus Christ, we will always have with us) and polar bears on isolated ice floes and and completely refuted claims of their impending extinction and the shrinkage of polar ice caps (the polar ice caps have grown significantly during the last two colder than average winters and the polar bear population is on the rise, not declining).

If you pay any attention to the science pages at all you may get a clue that “climate change” has nothing to do with man’s activity but is completely in the hands of God who is in complete control of the Sun and solar system, not to mention the galaxy and the universe. Just this morning I came across a report issued by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) showing that the latest sunspot cycle activity is “…in a valley–the deepest of the past century.” Many climate change activists (nearly all non-scientists) claim that climate change studies are “settled science.” Or not. Listen to what one NASA researcher says about this sunspot cycle- “In our professional careers, we’ve never seen anything quite like it. Solar minimum has lasted far beyond the date we predicted in 2007.” Does this sound settled or like they really haven’t got a solid handle on the science yet?

Why all of the talk about sunspot activity in relation to global temperature (which, by the way, has plummeted by nearly 0.7 C during this period of low solar activity)? Because there is a strong co-ordination between sunspot activity and global temperature. Look at the chart below. Pay special attention to the current period. The Sun is simply not as active as it was during the 1930’s and 1990’s when temperatures rose after extended high sunspot activity.


Note the period between the first quarter of the 17th century through about the first ten of the 18th century. This period of extremely low, if not completely absent, sunspot activity is called the Maunder Minimum and it corresponds nearly exactly with the “Little Ice Age” which was a period of deep global cooling (climate change). Not man caused, God caused.

There are other charts available showing the co-ordination between very high sunspot activity and the Medieval Climate Optimum (climate change) a period of global warming of the 9th to 14th centuries that coincided with, for instance, the Norse exploration and colonization of Iceland and Greenland, which at the time was actually green.

Want a deeper understanding of these issues? Dr. Michael Coffman of Environmental Perspectives, Inc gave a great talk at Camp American last year on global warming and how it is being used by globalists to restrict or completely eliminate basics of liberty such as private property, true stewardship of the earth (as opposed to the pagan religion of environmentalism), private enterprise, etc. Dr. Coffman connects the dots on ownership of private property, economic prosperity, stewardship of the land, bad climate change science and the attempts to use bad science to re-mold the world’s economy. You can get a copy of Dr. Coffman’s lectures here.

Currently, the US (and the EU) is considering the adoption of so-called “cap and trade” legislation which will do nothing but tax US and European energy users into poverty, stifle technological advances for true stewardship of the land, socialize and therefore destroy the economy and keep third-worlders from developing and using the technology they need to make the land pay and continue to pay in the future through stewardship, fight ignorance, disease and death from poor sanitation, cooking and food storage and pulling themselves out of the socialist morass they are in. “Cap and trade” makes sure this cycle of poverty, suffering and dearh will continue in the third-world by setting a limit on technology and then paying third-world slavemasters to sell their nation’s “carbon credits” to the west in a bid to maintain and eventually degrade western standardsof living.

The scientific numbskullery demonstrated by representatives like Henry Waxman of California during hearings on “cap and trade” has been simply stunning. No one expects them to understand all of the tiny details of the science. They are expected however to grasp the fact that there are opposing views based on scientific analysis of existing data that are actually doing a better job of fitting numbers to models than the science they are taking as gospel.

Contact your representatives and ask them to oppose “cap and trade.”