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Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 9/30/2017- What The Roy Moore Primary Victory Means

Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 9/30/2017- Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis begin by correcting Chuck’s date confusion and a discussion of how to determine how many days are in a given month. We then discuss the Alabama Senate run-off and the victory of Judge Roy Moore for that slot in the general election in spite of Mitch McConnell and other GOPe money bags dumping $35 Million to defeat him. Moore spent about $3 million in his victory over Luther Strange, the incumbent. We also discuss the Breitbart/Bannon ascendancy in races in which GOPe liberal office holders are being given primary challengers and withdrawing because they can’t win. We also discuss some exceptionally silly rhetoric from conservative bashers from all over the political spectrum.

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