Christian America Has Vanished!

The Crumbling Church…Or Maybe It Was Never Real in the First Place.

You might want to read this week’s cover story in Newsweek magazine.

It’s entitled “The End of Christian America”.

As I sit writing this report in my hotel room, the TV is on in the background with live calls to the host, and a young man came on line to say how he thought it impossible for any Christian to vote for a Democrat.

The Christian host responded with a question: “Do you believe in the death penalty?”

“Why no,” said the young man.  “No man should be able to take life . . .”

And there he was cut off by the host to illustrate that Christians are not united on the death penalty, nor are they united Democrat or Republic.

Come to think of it, Christians are not united on much at all.  We can’t even agree on what are the criteria to determine if America or any other country, is Christian.

And therein lies the reason for the apparent collapse of “Christian” America.

I have made comment before, that the Christian West has been in decline, at least since the rise of the monarchy and the eventual decline of the Papacy as they fought over this issue: Who was to control the earthly kingdom?  That’s a decline starting 800 years ago approximately.  How can say we have “Christian” America when the very foundation of the nation was built on questionable activities.  Patrick Henry really did smell a rat –everywhere.  And he had the decency not to attend the US Constitutional Convention in 1787 because of its questionable legitimacy.

This struggle between church and state over this issue only goes to illustrate the problem.  A decline in real Christianity leads to the rise of the secular state.

Christianity is on the decline because it has no “Christian” answers to many issues.  Christians are not united, and a house divided cannot stand.  That’s what Jesus thought, anyway.  Maybe he has a point worth listening to.

If you’re interested, go to The End of Christian America and read the article.  It’s worth the read.

Then go to work to fix the problem.

God bless you in your efforts for His kingdom.

Ian Hodge, Ph.D.