Will The Real Fred Thompson Please Stand Up?

Many years ago there was a TV show called To Tell The Truth. In that program a celebrity panel would ask probing questions of a panel of three people all claiming to be the same person. After a each celebrity had asked his allotted number of questions they would all vote on who they believed was really the person in question. After the votes were tallied the emcee would say “Will the real [whatsisname] please stand up.”

In a slight variation we have a diverse panel discussing Fred Thompson’s presidential candidacy both with and without the candidate. After viewing these we have to ask- “Will the real Fred Thompson please stand up?”

In the first video Fred has amnesia about filling out a position questionairre. Don’t worry, Sean Hannity has plenty of explanations and excuses handy.


In the second Fred’s work as a lobbyist for pro-abortion groups is reported on by CNN (yeah, yeah we know. CNN. But they ask good questions here.)


In the third, Fred equivocates on a direct abortion question and follows a rabbit trail in his Senate campaign debate. He sounds like a federalist, but is he really?


In the fourth we find out that Fred isn’t too sure himself


National Right To Life (NRTL) was so impressed with Fred Thompson’s memory losses, er-um’s, obfuscations and lack of integrity on the abortion issue that they rewarded him with with an endorsement of his candidacy. Why? Listen to this interview. We’re not sure it will be any clearer but maybe it’ll help clarify what’s wrong within NRTL.