What will you do when they come for you?

RadarThis article posted on Worldnetdaily has so many things wrong that I don’t know where to start. This all transpires because some paramedic has been indoctrinated into thinking HE is responsible for the welfare of the child…doesn’t matter whose rights are trampled on. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child…right?

Think about the following points:

The father is a paramedic…the ER physician found nothing wrong with the boy…the paramedic checked out the child, found nothing wrong, but STILL wanted to take the child to the hospital, just in case…even the sheriff said that he would want to have the right to make these types of decisions for his children…

I think the comment here that most concerns me is the following one…The sheriff said the decision to use SWAT team force was justified because the father was a “self-proclaimed constitutionalist” and had made threats and “comments” over the years.

So, if a citizen understands the rights and protections guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, he is a potential threat that requires a SWAT team?

Let us know what you think with your comments?