What Will You Do When They Come For You? (II)- Update

Yes, they’re aiming at you.Stark Countians can sleep easier tonight. Hope Steffey, who was brutalized by Stark County Sheriff’s deputies then falsely charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest was also convicted of the same. And yet another dangerous radical, guilty of carrying her dead sister’s drivers license as a momento and reminder of her has now been convicted and exposed as someone who law enforcement should keep a close eye on. Of course the tape of the deputies brutalizing Mrs. Steffey was not aired at her trial.

False arrests complete with police brutality and wrongful conviction followed by hiding behind the fact that the person brutalized was convicted of a crime should not instill confidence in Stark County residents of the competence of Sheriff Tim Swanson or his deputies to complete their sworn duties in a lawful and just manner.

William Grigg whose blog we have linked to before does his usual amazing job in getting all of the facts and analyzing the situation like no one else can. He gives the complete run down on this case here. His analysis far outshines our own.