Well, Now That’s A Real Load Off Our Minds…

The UK Telegraph reports that we can all rest easy because George Clooney simply cannot be convinced to run for president- EVER.

Oh, yeah. Don’t forget to read the section where Clooney admits that a movie he was working on for years was “delayed” in order to help President Obama “maintain optimism” about his presidency. Not in so many words but… well read the article and if you think it says something else then please let us know what it is. Only after Admiral Obama managed to pull the scuttle cocks on his own fleet did Clooney feel safe in moving forward with his Ides of March project in which he plays (and this is a REAL stretch for him) a liberal Democratic governor of a midwestern state running for president who gets embroiled in a sex scandal (sound familiar?) and the political machinations that follow. Clooney’s character will no doubt be portrayed as a victim of a conservative witch hunt.

The fact that Clooney has absolutely NO qualifications for political office (beyond his admittedly vast experience with womanizing, partying, and drug abuse) never actually entered into his decision, though both he and fellow loony-left conspiracy theorist pal Matt Damon have both drawn the endorsement of Castroite nincompoop Michael Moore. Hard to imagine with supporters like this how he could lose…or be worse than the current president who Clooney describes as “…smarter than anybody you know, and nicer…” Great judge of character too.