Voter Fraud? Here in Ohio? Naw…

There have been numerous concerns about possible voter fraud here in Ohio.  The following news interview shows what I believe is just the tip of the iceberg and, believe me, the Titanic is going down on this one.  There is a reason we have laws that REQUIRE county Board of Elections offices to verify a voter address BEFORE they are allowed to vote.  This “5 day window of opportunity” that occurred here in Ohio is going to blow up in all our faces.

Secretary of State Brunner, in a second article says,

“Like so many recent controversies, this issue has been raised less than one month before the election — and it was only raised by one political party.”

Well, of course it happened in the past month. That is when this whole fiasco with early registration/voting began. Now, the SOS office is stating that there are possibly 200,000 voter registration forms that may have discrepancies. That is 1/3 of all new voter registration forms received this year.

So, why is Secretary Brunner so “concerned” that she is persistently fighting this issue all the way up to the Ohio Supreme Court?  If she is so concerned about problems this close to the election, would she not just let the process work and verify that ALL the registration forms are valid?  God only knows…

I would not be surprised at all if this presidential election is decided by the United States Supreme Court. Hang on…we are in for the ride of our lives.

One thought on “Voter Fraud? Here in Ohio? Naw…”

  1. Bruce,

    Good points but you missed something (or maybe you didn’t)…

    Frau Brunner is there to facilitate fair and legal elections. She got her job, in part, by claiming massive fraud on the part of her predecessor, Ken Blackwell. She’s never even come close to proving it and now she seems bent on proving the converse.

    Her quote about only “one party complaining” is laughable. Only one party complains because only one party benefits from Brunner’s shady dealing.

    It is interesting that Brunner is fighting for the right to NOT do her job as prescribed by law at the Ohio Supreme Court where law is supposed to be applied. Do you think it will work?

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