Tom DeWeese Agenda 21 Leadership Training

Tom DeweeseTom DeWeese of the American Policy Center is coming to the Central Ohio area. He’s coming to give a unique presentation that will be made at NONE of the other scheduled stop on this tour of Ohio!

Tom has graciously agreed to give a special training seminar on Agenda 21, the UN driven attack on private property rights now being adopted by so many local governments. It will include information on how to recognize the signs that your city, township, county or state has adopted these measures and how to fight back. He will present concrete examples demonstrating that it can be done- because it HAS been done- successfully. Tom will show you how

The best part is that this seminar is FREE! That’s right- FREE! Unlike Tom’s other presentations this one is a leadership training and there is no charge at the door.

We’d like to know you’re coming but feel free to show up! Here’s a flyer on Tom’s Ohio tour

Where : Berlin Church, 5175 S. Old State Rd, Lewis Center, OH   MAP

When: July 19, 2013 6:30 PM


Contact: Barry Sheets at 614.989.5293  email:[email protected]