Sowing The Wind- Part VII

Public Policy RadarRecently this author was interviewed by Dr. Laurie Roth on her nationally syndicated radio talk show. Dr. Roth was kind enough to interview me for the entire second hour of her three hour daily broadcast on the subject of the current attempts by several states to pass resolutions calling for a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). That interview can be heard here.

Dr. Roth does an excellent job of asking the questions that get at the core of the problem and why all Christian constitutionalists should be united in opposing new calls in their state legislatures that haven’t yet moved for one and working to get recission resolutions passed in those that have passed one in the last 30 years or so. Yes, that’s 30 years, not days or even months.That’s how old some of these so-called “active” Con Con calls are.

If you don’t understand why a Con Con call is such a big deal, then you might take about an hour and listen to this broadcast. And you might take some time and listen to Dr. Roth’s program. It available by audio streaming week nights from 6-9 PM Eastern Time here.

Please keep in mind that we have achieved only a temporary victory over an Ohio Con Con call. The sponsors in each house of the Ohio legislature have pledged to re-introduce the resolutions in the new sessions which are convened early in the new year. We at the Institute For Principled Policy and a network of other concerned groups across the political spectrum are pledged to keep you informed to what action is needed to stop these calls for a Con Con!

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