Slow Posting Lately….

RadarYes, yes we know. It’s been a little slow here lately. Well we’re working on a boatload of stuff, but the research and writing takes some time to get right. And we know what happens when we get things wrong. Just look at the commentary from my “Real Thanksgiving” post to see what can happen when you do a hurry-up piece.

Anyway, we’re working on an analysis of Governor Strickland’s State of the State address, where the Ron Paul presidency should go from here, more police brutality and what it all means, our long awaited report from the Constitutional Coalition meeting, reports on Ohio State Senator Tim Grendell’s efforts in changing Ohio’s eminent domain law and his efforts to change an awful interstate compact with international implications to keep the southwestern states from diverting Great Lakes water, a report on HB 429 which eliminates the small business killing delivery-based state sales tax collection method in favor of the old purchase-based system (this has been an economic nightmare for small business since its proposal and inception and the state spent MILLIONS trying to get a working computer program that would at least allow a “simple” calculation. It’s a nightmare to use if any volume at all is involved).

We’re a little short-handed due to illness, travel, and the fact that only two of us (not me) lobby, or do policy analysis on a professional basis. In other words, most of us have jobs to do, businesses to run, or classes to teach (when we’re healthy).

Thank you for your patience!