Grand Illusion

By George Grant

Everyone knows that controversy created news. Too often, controversies are borne unnecessarily. Like publicity stunts. Why? Because those involved don't have the facts. Their critique is based on hearsay and opinion. Unfortunately, this happens every day, through virtually every media outlet known. Nonetheless, Grand Illusions represents a controversy based on fact. Ironically all of the material in this book comes directly from Planned Parenthood-from their own files and records.

Grand Illusions tells the whole story of this insidiously vile organization. The irrefutable, documented purpose for its funding, the testimony of young teenagers and clinic patients, and actual clinic visits records-complete with sobering statistics.

In this revised and updated edition, historian and political theorist George Grant documents the sordid truths and fraudulent tactics of one of America's most "politically correct" institutions. Exhaustively researched and eminently readable, Grand Illusions is a vivid and revealing work of history that offers a disturbing perspective on one of the world's most troubling and dangerous organizations.


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