Principles and Policies Podcast For Saturday 10/1/2016- Propagandists, Floundering Presidential Campaigns, And Being Effective As A Small But Principled Block Of Representatives

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Saturday October 1, 2016. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis discuss events surrounding the presidential election, especially propagandist Michael Moore, Candidates Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton, and former candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich. We also analyze an article in Politico that wags its collective finger at Rep. Jim Jordan for daring to effectively oppose his Republican leadership as it works to give away the political store to the Democrats with less than (GASP!) 50 members of his Freedom Caucus.

Article links- Michael Moore exposes himself as a master propagandist while falsely claiming to have been “banned” from the Midland Theater in Newark, OH

A little more detail on what Michael Moore is falsely claiming

Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson drops the foreign policy ball…again

Hillary Clinton claims she’s not giving up on Ohio as she all but abandons campaigning in Ohio

John Kasich reinforces his rapidly growing reputation as having a political tin-ear

Rep. Jim Jordan demonstrates what we’ve been teaching for years- 25-50 constitutional members of the House of Representatives operating as a bloc can be a force to reckon with