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Principles and Policies Podcast for 8/23/2012- Supreme Court Decisions, Segregation And Abysmally Bad Advice

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Thursday August 23, 2012. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis discuss a recent Colorado Supreme court decision that forces the Colorado State university system to allow students with concealed-carry permits to use those permits on campus. We also discuss how the Colorado State university is responding to an anti-discrimination order with more discrimination and how a similar discriminatory practice in Ohio is leading one university city Chief of Police to issue REALLY bad advice.

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  1. Matt Miller says

    I disagree about the football game. Because it is a government sponsored event (the college is a state institution), they should have to allow guns. If it were a privately owned stadium with a privately owned team, then the owner of the team could decide to ban weapons. But no one owns the college football team except the state, therefore it can only be the state that bans weapons at the game. This is unconstitutional.