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Principles and Policies Podcast for 11/17/2012- What a Secession From Rational Response Looks Like

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Saturday November 17, 2012. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis attempt to explain  how blind emotion rather than a well thought out strategic campaign is behind the more than 600,000 signatures on secession petitions sent to, of all places, the White House.

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  1. Matt Miller says

    I did sign the petition. I didn’t do it because I thought Obama would do anything about it. I didn’t believe that the petition would be an official step in the process of secession. But if many people sign the petition, then it will send a message to the state legislatures that this is what we want. It will give the issue some publicity so that we can get some traction against the federal government. As far as being put on a list, well, I’m not going to let any politician scare me into surrendering my freedom of speech.