Principles and Policies Podcast for 10/19/2013- An Accomplished Capitulation At The Federal Level And A Planned One At The State Level

Our Principles and Policies radio show for Saturday October 19, 2013. Barry Sheets and Chuck Michaelis talk about the complete collapse of constitutional principle in the ending of the “government shutdown” dog and pony show and the coming one in the state of Ohio over Governor John Kasich’s bypassing of the Ohio legislature to expand Medicaid in Ohio through a stacked controlling board vote. By using a combinned veto-administrative board strategy to thwart the will of the Ohio legislature, Kasich has exposed his willingness to use a method practiced as high-art by President Obama using a method that the president (thankfully) does not have. The line item veto. Kasich line item vetoed the legislature’s budget item outlawing the expansion of Medicaid and now is going to the controlling board demanding the Medicaid expansion be implemented as part of the budget law. Thus Kasich is engaging in an executive branch usurpation of constitutional legislative authority. This is a tyranny.

Confused? Listen to the show.

Article links-

Phone calls numbers for the Ohio Controlling Board-

Senator Bill Coley- 614-466-8072

Senator Chris Widener- 614-466-3780

Rep. Ron Amstutz- 614-466-1474

Rep. Cliff Rosenberger- 614-466-3506