Of Spitballs and security

There is one very positive result of the recent actions of the Spotsylvania High School officials in exercising their “Gun-Free Schools Act” responsibilities against profligate lawbreaker 14-year-old Andrew Mikel II.   As reported in the Washington Post, Mikel was expelled from the school for utilizing a casing of an ink pen to propel small plastic balls at his classmates.  In other words, a spitball shooter.  For this heinous crime, Mikel is being not only expelled, but local law enforcement is requiring him to submit to a 12-month “diversion” program in lieu of criminal charges being pursued.

What’s positive in all this, you ask?  The answer is buried in the article:  the Mikel family has decided to homeschool young Andrew.  Instead of subjecting this precocious young man to the “security” regime of the government-run education system, they are planning (and will hopefully continue to persevere in the decision) to take control of their child’s education. 

The district should take comfort to know that such a dangerous individual will be removed from their community, and the security level of their district can return to the “Yellow” status.