Looking Into The Acme Crystal Ball

Wile E. Coyote is an interesting study. No matter what he tries, nothing works. He designs (with the help of the venerable Acme Corporation and its subsidiaries like Indestructo) elaborate schemes to trap the elusive Road Runner. They never work. The Road Runner is always too fast or too clever and Coyote’s schemes always backfire with spectacular results. And yet he can’t stop. He just has to catch the Road Runner. It’s a compulsion. He forgets that there is other game that won’t require the huge outlays of time, talent and treasure to catch.

Sound familiar? It should. Think about Christian “conservatives” who, like the Coyote, just can’t stop trying to capture the Republican Party. No product in the Acme catalog seems to help. The Republican Road Runner always taunts them with an obnoxious BEEP, BEEP, as if to laugh and say “keep trying, sucker.”

The sample provided below is especially illustrative. Watch closely from about the 4:50 mark to the end. It’s a perfect illustration of what Christians can expect from the Republican Party. The quality of the Indestructo hollow ball is the only limiting factor to the number of circuits the Coyote can make in the ordeal. No one knows yet what the limiting factor is for the number of circuits Christians can make.

Watch and chuckle. Then think about it.