Letter To Pastor Chuck Baldwin From Ohio Executive Committee Requesting That He Keep His Promise To Bring A Resolution To Disaffiliate The Nevada IAP If No Compliance With The Columbus Resolution Is Forthcoming

Executive Committee

Constitution Party of Ohio

1255 N. Hamilton Rd.

Columbus, OH 43230

Pastor Chuck Baldwin

PO Box 37070

Pensacoa, FL  32576

Dear Pastor Baldwin,

Thank you for your service to the party as our vice-presidential standard bearer in the 2004 presidential race. We also thank you for the continuation of your efforts to return our republic to the respected position it once held among the nations of the world as a beacon of the bright light of truth, honor and adherence to principle that only the disciples of Jesus Christ can cause to shine through His Holy Spirit on a pragmatic, compromising and evil world.

As you will recall, you stood on the podium during the debate on the Nevada resolution in Columbus last September and publicly pledged to the national committee that you would offer a resolution disaffiliating the Nevada party if no solution to the problem of the Nevada party’s non-compliance with the platform and the San Antonio resolution were proposed. To be specific, the San Antonio resolution requires state party organizations to comply with the 100% pro-life with no exceptions provision of the party platform in order to obtain help and support from the national party and remain in good standing. That plank and resolution have been repeatedly, openly and willfully ignored by the Nevada leadership in running and endorsing candidates, as you know.

The time approaches for a just and proper resolution to the problem to be presented for the review and approval of the national committee. The national committee’s instructions to the executive committee as its subordinate per Article III of the by-laws were quite clear and on this basis we are respectfully requesting of you the following;

That you refuse to be a party to meetings between the Chair and Nevada party officials in which certain members of the executive committee are not made privy to the information of what has transpired in the meetings and/or have been excluded from notification that the meetings were pending or had taken place.

That you refuse to be a party to meetings between the Chair and Nevada party officials in which back room deals are made which openly flout the will of the national committee members regarding a special dispensation being given to Nevada party leadership regarding adherence to the party platform stating our 100% pro-life, no exceptions stance and the San Antonio resolution which reiterates this position and was adopted unanimously by the national committee including the Nevada party.

That you be prepared to fulfill your honorable obligation to present a resolution disaffiliating the Nevada party if the proposed resolution does not meet the exacting requirements of the resolution as passed by the national committee in Columbus in September.

If you cannot do this, we believe that you need to be the person who introduces a resolution rescinding the passage of the San Antonio resolution. This is the only avenue which will be left open to the party since it requires that state party organizations adhere to the 100% pro-life with no exceptions plank in order to be the recipient of help and support from the national party organization.

That if you find yourself unable to fulfill your pledge of honor to do these things as stated before the national committee in Columbus, that you must resign from your executive committee duties forthwith and apologize to each and every member of the national committee.

Pastor Baldwin we trust that we can count on you to act on these pivotal issues in a manner that complies with your statements of faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe you to be a man of your word and pray that you show the leadership qualities we have come to expect of our presidential ticket standard bearers, thanks to the demonstrated leadership of Michael Peroutka and yourself on this matter.


Charles S. Michaelis

Secretary, Ohio Constitution Party

Signing on behalf of the following Executive Committee and National Committee members of the Ohio Constitution Party;

James Burkhamer, Chairman

Dr. Patrick Johnston, Vice-Chairman

Barry Sheets, At-Large

Bruce Purdy, At-Large

Joe Rogers, National Committee

Other signatures will be added as the approval is received from Ohio Executive and National Committee members

CC: Constitution Party Executive Committee

Constitution Party National Committee

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